[Extended] Tame your Dragon!

ANNOUNCE 7/21/2015 8:18:20 AM
Odd smoke plumes are rising from the woods around Dunbarton. Rumors have it that Mother Dragon has lost her little hatchlings, and now the tiny beasts are terrorizing local Homesteads. See if you can lead one to yours!

Tame Your Dragon

Event Dates: Wednesday, July 22 - Thursday, August 20

Talk to Mother Dragon to learn how you can lure a baby dragon into your Homestead. Earn its trust, and you’ll keep the beast as your own. It takes everything you have to raise a baby... especially a dragon baby! Cater to its every need and increase its disposition toward you.

  • Dragon babies love music. It gets them in a playful mood.
  • Dragon babies love good grub. They have surprisingly refined pallets.
  • Dragon babies love comfortable Homesteads. Build yours up to make it feel cozy.
  • Dragon babies love exotic things. Are you willing to travel to the ends of Erinn?

Prove your worth as a parent and make sure your hatchling is well taken care of during the event period and you'll end up its permanent caretaker.

Will you raise a rambunctious brat or an adorable munchkin? Will you be able to restrain yourself from collecting them all?

  • Fierce Homestead Baby Dragon
  • Docile Homestead Baby Dragon
  • Cute Homestead Baby Dragon

Note: Dragons can be dyed and traded