Spirit of Tuan Pet and Gachapon Sale!

ANNOUNCE 7/22/2015 11:00:00 AM

The Spirit of Tuan has emerged as a beautiful, graceful, elegant Deer. This treasure of the Partholon race is now available for all those who dwell in Erinn to bask in all it's calming glory. You will also be able to obtain matching wings from the Wings of Tuan Gachapon. Be one with nature and life with this endearing Pet and Wing combination.

Spirit of Tuan Pet and Wings of Tuan Gachapon

Sale Dates: Wednesday, July 22 - Wednesday, August 12

Spirit of Tuan Pet Wings of Tuan Gachapon (1) Wings of Tuan Gachapon (11)
    Price: 11,900 NX
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX

Spirit of Tuan Details

The Spirit of Tuan Pet favors the calming music of bards, and grants the following:

  • Double Music Skill EXP while summoned
  • Increases music buff skill durations while summoned

The Spirit of Tuan Pet is eternally grateful that it has been adopted by you, and will give you Antlers of Tuan, a headband based on the full bloom antlers of Tuan. You can find this special gift in your pet's inventory.

Wings of Tuan Gachapon Details

When you open a Wings of Tuan Gachapon, you're guaranteed to receive one of the following items:
  • Shadow Crystal
  • Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Finest Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Potent Finest Shadow Crystal

You will also have a random chance to receive one of the following:

Rare or New Items
  • Wings of Tuan
  • Incubus Wings
  • Lonely Kotatsu
  • Hot Pot Table
  • Elegant Afternoon Tea Table
  • Refined Afternoon Tea Table
  • Kitsune Hagi Mini-Gem
  • Tanuki Anju Mini-Gem

Weapons and Instruments
  • Celtic War Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Battle Axe
  • Celtic Royal Knight Sword
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Axe
  • Celtic Royal War Hammer
  • Celtic Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Battle Axe
  • Celtic Warrior Axe
  • Celtic Crossbow
  • Celtic Tribolt Wand
  • Celtic Druid Staff
  • Celtic Guardian Staff
  • Hamelin's Tuner
  • Solar Glory Piano
  • Solar Glory Violin
  • Solar Glory Lyre
  • Solar Glory Microphone
  • Solar Glory Electric Guitar
  • Solar Glory Cello

Outfits and Accessories
  • Emerald's Classic Celtic Ensemble (M) or (F)
  • Emerald's Classic Celtic Pattern Shoes (M) or (F)
  • Emerald's Classic Celtic Hat
  • Emerald's Classic Celtic Hairband
  • Bat Boots
  • Bat Crown (M) or (F)
  • Bat Jacket (M)
  • Bat Dress (F)
  • Bat Hat
  • Elegant Gothic Dress Long Type
  • Elegant Gothic Suit
  • Elegant Gothic Dress Short Type
  • Gothic Riding Suit
  • Gothic Riding Shoes
  • Cute Princess Dress
  • Terra Gothic Full Dress
  • Terra Gothic Suit
  • Wild & Romantic Suit
  • Party Ensemble (M) or (F)
  • Romantic Evening Dress
  • Romantic Tailcoat
  • Incubus Siren Boots
  • Incubus Siren Horns
  • Incubus Siren Mini-Dress
  • Lorna's Balloon
  • Pan's Balloon

Gold Boxes
  • Lorna Gold Box
  • Pan Gold Box

  • Blue Upgrade Stone 5
  • Red Upgrade Stone 5
  • Ancient Magic Powder
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Commerce Reforging Tool
  • Blue Upgrade Stone 3
  • Red Upgrade Stone 3
  • Golden Hammer of Durability
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Blue Upgrade Stone
  • Red Upgrade Stone
  • Fine Gem Powder
  • Star Sapphire
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Aquamarine
  • Garnet
  • Jasper
  • Ruby
  • Spinel
  • Diamond
  • Rose Ring Torque
  • Virgo Ring Torque
  • Rose Ring
  • Virgo Ring
  • Rose Celtic Cross
  • Virgo Celtic Cross
  • Common Gem Powder

Elite Passes
  • Elite Pass - Shadow Cast City
  • Elite Pass - Enemy Behind
  • Elite Pass - Their Method
  • Elite Pass - Lingering Darkness
  • Elite Pass - The Sulfur Spider inside Shadow Realm
  • Elite Pass - Fomor Attack
  • Elite Pass - The Other Alchemists
  • Elite Pass - Ghosts of Partholon

  • Consumables
  • Direct Dye Ampoule (Wings of Tuan Only)
  • Various Fixed Color Dye Ampoules
  • Various Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoules
  • Enchant Training Potion
  • Fishing Training Potion
  • Healing Training Potion
  • Synthesis Training Potion
  • Critical Hit Training Potion
  • Spirit of Order Training Potion
  • Soul of Chaos Training Potion
  • Fury of Connous Training Potion
  • Daemon of Physis Training Potion
  • Mana Crystallization Training Potion
  • Metal Conversion Training Potion
  • Heat Buster Training Potion
  • Refining Training Potion
  • Windmill Training Potion
  • Playing Instrument Training Potion
  • Dischord Training Potion
  • Battlefield Overture Training Potion
  • Lullaby Training Potion
  • Vivace Training Potion
  • Enduring Melody Training Potion
  • Harvest Song Training Potion
  • March Song Training Potion
  • Charging Strike Training Potion
  • Focused Fist Training Potion
  • Spinning Uppercut Training Potion
  • Somersault Kick Training Potion
  • Drop Kick Training Potion
  • Pummel Training Potion
  • Chain Mastery Training Potion
  • Weapon Power Potion (30 min.)
  • Speed Walk Potion 30% (5 minutes)
  • Speed Walk Potion 30% (10 minutes)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (5 minutes)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 minutes)
  • Magic Speed Potion (30 min.)