Martial Arts Booster Pack!

ANNOUNCE 8/19/2015 10:00:00 AM
Add an extra pow to your punch with the Martial Arts Booster Pack! This Booster Pack comes with items that fortify your Ninja, Monk, and general Combat skills, and also includes a Squirrel Doll Bag that increases you Will stat! Prepare for the greatest fight of your life with the Martial Arts Booster Pack, your enemies won't know what hit 'em!

Martial Arts Booster Pack

Permanent Start Date: Wednesday, August 19

Martial Arts Booster Pack
    Price: 5,000 NX

Martial Arts Booster Pack contains the following:
  • 5 Free Repair Kit
  • 5 Full Recovery Potion
  • 10 Remote Blacksmith Coupon
  • 7 Double Ninja Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • 7 Double Monk Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • 10 Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 Hrs.)
  • 20 Jelly Beans of Strength
  • Squirrel Doll Bag

  • Only 1 transaction per account.