Attendance Event!

ANNOUNCE 10/20/2015 7:00:00 PM
Are you dedicated to your time in Erinn? Our special attendance event includes some cute new rewards for those who can't get enough of Mabinogi. Answer, "Here!" when Caravan Joe Calls out your name!

Attendance Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Tuesday, Nov. 24

Event Details
  • Talk to Caravan Joe during the event period to obtain an Attendance Check Scroll
  • Every day you log in (real time) you'll earn a stamp on your scroll
  • Some stamps earn you special prizes
  • You've got 35 days to collect up to 28 stamps and earn the grand reward
  • Days need not be consecutive. It's okay if you miss a couple, but not too many!
  • Must be cumulative Level 30 or higher to participate

Attendance Check Scroll Rewards

Check In Reward
Day 2 5 Nao Soul Stones
Day 3 1 Movement Speed Boost Potion
Day 5 10 AP Potion (Event)
Day 8 5 Blue Upgrade Stones
Day 10 1 Double Life Skill EXP Potion (Event)
Day 13 2 Eweca Orbs
Day 15 1 Double Complete Skill EXP Potion
Day 17 5 Red Upgrade Stones
Day 19 30 AP Potion (Event)
Day 21 3 Eweca Orbs
Day 24 1 Pet Dye Ampoule
Day 26 100 AP Potion (Event)
Day 28 Coach Pengu & Star Coach Cap

Note: Outfits are not included