Crystal Ball Rock Paper Scissors - Fortune is Misfortune!

ANNOUNCE 10/20/2015 7:00:00 PM
Welcome Milletian, come a little closer and I shall read your fortune. The crystal ball is telling me that this Halloween, bad luck will shine treasures upon you. This year, if you lose many of your Rock, Paper, Scissors games...treasures will rain from the sky.

Crystal Ball Rock, Paper, Scissors

Event Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Tuesday, Nov. 3

Event Details
  • Talk to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton to obtain your Rock, Paper, Scissors Match Book
  • He will supply you with 1 Rock, Paper, and Scissors ticket; use these to pick your move in match
  • You can obtain more by staying logged in. You'll get one random ticket every 10 minutes
  • A max of 30 tickets can be obtained per real life day
  • You must lose 200 matches to complete the quest

Event Titles
Event Buffs
Special Buffs can be earned by losing matches. Buffs can only be obtained once per real life day.
  • Life Skill Training EXP x 1.3
  • "Win" by losing 3 matches
  • Combat EXP x2
  • "Win" by losing12 matches
  • Receive an additional Shadow Mission EXP after first completion
  • "Win" by losing 12 matches
  • Will NOT affect Avon Martial Arts Competition, Round 1

Note: All buffs will last for 2 hours. All buffs will reset the next day at 7AM no matter what duration it's in.


After losing 200 matches, you'll receive a Halloween Rock, Paper, Scissors gift box! You can ONLY choose one item from the box, so choose wisely!

Pumpkin Seal
This cute new pet is ready for Halloween! Dressed in a pumpkin hat and striped shirt with tiny bat wings!

Haunted Spirit Swing
Sit in style with the Haunted Spirit Swing! This swing features all kinds of festive decorations, including a few spooky skeletons hanging out on your broom.