The High and Mighty Fallen Fairy!

ANNOUNCE 10/20/2015 8:02:51 PM
Not your ordinary fairy, the Fallen Fairy is here with her cool demeanor and she happens to think you're edgy enough to be her friend. She doesn't like anyone so easily, but you have seem to have captivated her. Are you prepared to have fun and adventure with the Fallen Fairy?

Fallen Fairy Pet

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Wednesday. Nov. 11

Fallen Fairy Pet
    Price: 12,000 NX

Fallen Fairy Details

Fallen Fairies are no ordinary pet. Once upon a time, they were Tuatha de Danann and the rulers of Erunn. They may have lost their powers and been reborn as tiny winged creates, but they didn't lose their attitude.

Fallen Fairies support you in battle by poisoning your enemies. When poisoned enemies die, the poison spreads to those nearby. They will also buff your Speed and Attack Speed, unless you've already maxed your attack speed. Also special to the Fallen Fairy are three gesture commands: Sassy! Sleepy! and Peeved!

If the Fallen Fairy feels like you're just lounging around, then she'll lift you off to your next destination by taking over your body... only if you chose to use her as a mount.