Holiday Gachapon Returns

ANNOUNCE 12/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

The Holiday Gachapon is back for the 2015 Holiday Season, and it's stuffed full of new items. Between three flavors of Angel Wings, seasonal Homestead Props, new Gesture Cards, epic Rocking Horses and more, this year's Holiday Gachapon is the best of the lot!

Holiday Gachapon (2015 Revamp)

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Wednesday, Jan. 13

Holiday Gachapon (1) Holiday Gachapon (11)
    Price: 1,000 NX
    Price: 10,000 NX

New and Notable Items
The following items have been added to the Holiday Gachapon:

  • Trifold Archangel Wings
  • White Angel Wings
  • Black Angel Wings
  • Red Angel Wings
  • Pink Angel Wings
  • Blue Angel Wings
  • Baby Pink Angel Wings
  • Yellow Angel Wings
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Tiny Holy Guardian Angel Wings
  • Flying Puppet Orb
  • Lovely Snowflake Bunny Gloves (M/F)
  • Lovely Snowflake Bunny Boots (M/F)
  • Lovely Snowflake Bunny Hat (M/F)
  • Homestead Christmas Tree
  • Homestead Watch-Night Bell
  • Homestead Christmas Party
  • Rocking Horse Chair
  • Chimney Chair
  • 1-Person Kotatsu
  • Santa's Sleigh Chair
  • Royal Rose Outfit (M)
  • Royal Rose Shoes (M)
  • Royal Rose Eye Patch (M)
  • Royal Rose Outfit (F)
  • Royal Rose Hairband (F)
  • Royal Rose Gloves
  • Scarlet Rose's Prickle
  • Gesture Card: Splat
  • Gesture Card: Shiver
  • Gesture Card: Clumsy
  • Gesture Card: Cutie
  • Gesture Card: Jump
  • Gesture Card: Collapse