Alchemy Booster Sale

ANNOUNCE 12/21/2015 12:00:00 AM

It's time to power up with the Alchemist Booster pack! This pack contains a variety of potions, treats, kits, all four types of crystals and more to help you turn your Alchemy skill into gold. We're also starting an Buff and Rank-Up event for all Alchemists, making it easy for everyone to get their alchemy into a grand state. Take a peek at it all below!

Alchemy Booster Pack

Permanent Start Date: Monday, Dec. 21

Alchemy Booster Pack
    Price: 5,000 NX

Alchemy Booster Pack Contains the Following:
  • 1x Bunny Doll Bag
  • 10x Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 Hours)
  • 7x Double Alchemy Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • 10x Remote Alchemy House Coupon
  • 1,000x Fire Crystals
  • 1,000x Water Crystals
  • 1,000x Wind Crystals
  • 1,000x Clay Crystals
  • 20x Muffins of Luck
  • 5x Full Recovery Potion
  • 5x Free Repair Kit
  • 1x Alchemy Bag (9x6)
  • Only 1 transaction per account

Alchemist Buff and Rank Up Event

Event Dates: Monday, Dec. 21 -  Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016

Event Details
  • Alchemy Skill Buff: 2x Skill Training on Alchemy skills
  • Alchemy Skill Lifter: After ranking up an Alchemy Skill, gain +10 EXP for the next rank of the same skill