Samhain - Laighlinne's Symphonic Sale

ANNOUNCE 1/6/2016 12:00:00 AM

Samhain (pronounced sah-WIN): The end of the celtic year. To the ancient Celts, this was a time of celebrations, of costumes, of sacrificing crops to give the Gods and Goddesses their share of the bounty, the distant origin of the modern Halloween...

...but as the Milletians know all too well, Samhain is when the veil between their world and the next one is as thin as possible, and the spirits of those that failed to reach Erinn so long ago still linger...

The events of Samhain have brought a new partner to Mabinogi, the beautiful bard Laighlinne. With her music, and her fists, she's willing to watch your back and make your adventures as epic as they can. There's also a new Partner Pet in the Partner's Long Boat, and you can grab Laighlinne's Old Box for a wide selection of outfits, accessories, instruments and more! Check it all out below!

New Partner: Laighlinne

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 6 - Tuesday, Jan. 26

Laighlinne Partner
    Price: 17,900 NX

Cast out from her family and left adrift at sea, Laighlinne has been struck by one tragedy after another. Raised as a son before her brothers were born, Laighlinne possesses relentless strength backed by a fierce loyalty to her people. Her charisma is unmatched, making her a unique and distinguished leader.

Laighlinne will show you nothing but respect. Just do NOT get on her bad side. Her many years at sea have left her as rugged as she is capable. Have Laighlinne play her instrument to grant you various buffs. You can even play an ensemble with her. After all, music is her specialty! You can also buy Instruments, Music Scores and Music Books from the Laighlinne Shop.

Laighlinne's Old Box

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 6 - Tuesday, Jan. 26

Laighlinne's Old Box (1) Laighlinne's Old Box (11)
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX

Laighlinne's Old Box Contents

Each Laighlinne's Old Box contains a Shadow Crystal, and may also include one of the items below:

Outfits and Accessories

  • Laighlinne Eye Patch and Wig
  • Laighlinne Wig
  • Laighlinne Eye Patch
  • Laighlinne Support Bracelet
  • Laighlinne Metal Heel Greaves
  • Laighlinne Cuirass Garment
  • Meryl Wig (F)
  • Brilluen Wig and Horn
  • Brilluen Wig (M)
  • Brilluen Tail Suit (M)
  • Brilluen Claus Shoes (M)
  • Brilluen Half Gloves (M)
  • Brilluen Tail Dress (F)
  • Brilluen Bootie Heels (F)
  • Brilluen Half Gloves (F)


  • Laighlinne Harp
  • Morning Glory Piano
  • Morning Glory Lute
  • Morning Glory Electric Guitar
  • Morning Glory Cello
  • Morning Glory Standing Microphone
  • Morning Glory Violin
  • Morning Glory Lyre
  • Morning Glory Flute


  • Butt-Sized Oak Barrel
  • Less Lonely Prison
  • Lonely Prison


  • Fortissimo 2nd Title Coupon
  • Forte 2nd Title Coupon
  • Pianissimo 2nd Title Coupon

Items for Partners

  • Hamelin Tuner (For Partner)
  • Partner Likeability Increase Candy (30)
  • Partner Stress Relief Candy (100)


  • Enthralling Performance Training Potion
  • Dischord Training Potion
  • Vivace Training Potion
  • Playing Instrument Training Potion
  • Enduring Melody Training Potion
  • Lullaby Training Potion
  • Battlefield Overture Training Potion
  • Harvest Song Training Potion
  • March Song Training Potion

New Partner Pet: Partner's Long Boat

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 6 - Tuesday, Jan. 26

This Partner Pet is introduced into the world of Erinn through Laighlinne. However, ALL Partners can sail with this fancy vessel, including Maids, Butlers and Commerce Partners!

Partner's Long Boat
    Price: 6,900 NX