New Year Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 1/21/2016 12:00:00 AM

A new year, a new Gachapon with new outfits! The New Year Gachapon is here with a massive selection of items to get you to look your best, including the new Coco's and Detective outfits! Check out the tantalizing rewards below!

New Year Gachapon

Sale Dates: Thursday, Jan. 21 - Thursday, Feb. 18

New Year Gachapon (1) New Year Gachapon (11)
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX

Bounty Hunter Bonus Card

In addition to the main loot, each New Year Gachapon will contain three random Bounty Hunter Cards that can be used when hunting outlaws, gaining the assistance of a skilled Bounty Hunter and giving you a bonus on the bounty once the varmint is brought to justice.

  • Bounty Hunter Card (Bronze): 9,000 Ducat Bonus
  • Bounty Hunter Card (Silver): 12,000 Ducat Bonus
  • Bounty Hunter Card (Gold): 18,000 Ducat Bonus

Featured New Items
Opening the New Year Gachapon will reward a random item, including the following new items:

  • Coco's Mini-Dress
  • Coco's Hairpin
  • Coco's Heels
  • Coco's Bracers
  • Detective Outfit (M)
  • Detective Hat (M)
  • Detective Shoes (M)
  • Detective Gloves (M)
  • Detective Outfit (F)
  • Detective Hat (F)
  • Detective Shoes (F)
  • Detective Gloves (F)

  • Admiral Owen's Wig
  • Altam Wig
  • Annick's Wig
  • Antonio Wig
  • Arzhela's Wig
  • Avelin Wig
  • Bassanio Wig
  • Berched's Wig
  • Cessair's Hear Wig
  • Count Cookie Wig
  • Count Cookie Wig & Hat
  • Dowra's Wig
  • Edern's Wig
  • Eirawen Wig
  • Elegant Hanbok Hair
  • Elegant Long Straight Wig
  • Elegant Long Straight Wig & Glasses
  • Figure Skating Wig (F)
  • Girl's Wig
  • Glewyas's Wig
  • Hamlet's Wig
  • Hamlet's Wig (Scar)
  • Juliet Wig
  • Kitsune Ear Wig
  • Kitsune Ninja Hagi Wig
  • Kusina's Wig
  • Laertes's Wig
  • Lugh's Wig
  • Macaroon Mistress Wig
  • Macaroon Mistress Wig & Hat
  • Macha Wig
  • Mad Paris's Wig
  • Maike's Wig
  • Millia Wig
  • Neat Half Ponytail Wig
  • Neat Half Ponytail Wig & Glasses
  • Odran's Wig
  • Ophelia's Wig
  • Paris's Wig
  • Pierrot Wig-Hat
  • Pierrot's Wig
  • Portia's Wig
  • Refined Medium Wig
  • Refined Medium Wig & Glasses
  • Romeo Wig
  • Ronin Wig (F)
  • Ronin Wig (M)
  • Rose Blossom Starlet Wig
  • Scathach Earrings and Wig
  • Scathach Wig
  • Shaman Wig (F)
  • Shaman Wig (M)
  • Shylock Wig
  • Sinead's Wig
  • Sporty Layered Wig
  • Sporty Layered Wig & Glasses
  • Starlet Silver Brooch Wig
  • Starlet's Wig
  • Sweet Ribbon Starlet Wig
  • Talvish Wig
  • Tanuki Ear Wig
  • Tanuki Ninja Anju Wig
  • Tarlach's Wig
  • Tybalt's Wig
  • Waboka's Wig
  • Witch Scathach Earrngs and Wigs

Beauty Coupons
  • Altam Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Berched Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Boyish Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Cessair's Heart Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Dowra Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Girlish Twin Tail Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Girl's Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Glewyas Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Half Updo Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Halloween Frankenstein Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Hamlet Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Laertes Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Long Sideburns Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Macha Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Mad Paris Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Maike Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Medium Sideburns Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Millia Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Mushroom Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Mysterious Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Ophelia Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Paris Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Ribbon Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Romeo Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Short Wavy Perm Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Sinead Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Soft Perm Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Sporty Cut Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Starlet Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Straight Medium Cut Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Two Block Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Tybalt Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Warrior Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Wavelet Twin Tail Beauty Coupon (F)