[EXTENDED] Pre-G20 Celebration Events

ANNOUNCE 2/17/2016 12:00:00 AM

UPDATE: Good news! The Pre-G20 Celebration Event has been extended through Wednesday, April 13th! Finish up G19 and get yourself ready for the Gate of Sanctuary!

The wait is almost over: G20 is coming soon! As we get closer to the next Generation in Mabinogi, we're giving everyone a special bonus for completing the G19 storyline, as well as a buff to get your Crusader skills as high as they go!

G19 Storyline Clear Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Feb. 17 - Wednesday, Apr. 13

How to Participate:

  • Speak to the G19 Storyline Clear Helper, in front of the Dunbarton Town Office, in order to collect the G19 Storyline Clear quest.
  • Complete the G19 Storyline and return to the G19 Storyline Clear Helper to collect your prizes.
    • Characters that have already completed G19 will be able to collect their prizes immediately.

Event Prizes:

  • Alban Knights Skill Training Seal: A seal created with vision that is handed down to Alban Knights. Using it gives you an effect as if you've already fully trained one of the skills: Judgment Blade, Celestial Spike, or Shield of Trust. (Training EXP +100)
  • Alban Knights Holy Fruit - A mysterious fruit that increases Crusader EXP by 1600 when consumed.
    • Cannot use if Crusader Skill has not been learned.
    • Cannot use if Crusader Skill is at max EXP.

Boosted Crusader Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Feb. 17 - Wednesday, Apr. 13

Event Details:

  • Crusader Training Bonus: 2x Skill Training Experience for Crusader Skills
  • Crusader Experience Bonus: 2x Experience to Crusader Levels