Coming Soon: G20: The Gate of Sanctuary

ANNOUNCE 3/23/2016 12:00:00 AM

A new threat awakens and the Alban Knights need your help to safeguard Erinn from this unholy threat. G20 arrives on April 14th.

G20: The Gate of Sanctuary

It has been a time of troubles for the Alban Knights. The attacks by the Prophets have taxed their soldiers and shown that Erinn is not as safe as it once seemed... and now something new and terrible has seeped into Tir Chonaill. Human bodies, glowing with a golden energy before rising from the dead.

G20 arrives with the continuation of G19's story, as the Alban Knights try to find out what's behind these new, undead monstrosities. With the help of Talvish, Avelin and Altam and the rest of the Alban Knights, will you be able to unravel this new plot and uncover the secrets hidden in their order's past?

Squires of Baltane

War has few constants, but two parts remain true: You need soldiers to fight in them, and they won't all return. No matter how well you fight, eventually new soldiers will need to be trained, and the Alban Knights have given you that honor.

Completing G20 gives access to the Baltane Squires, capable warriors that require the firm hand of leadership, and the kind words of a friend, to polish them into full-fledged Alban Knights. Confident Dai, brave Eirlys, stern Kaour and more await your guidance, but there will be more to their training than simple calisthenics.

Train your Squires by sending them out on missions, balancing each mission's specifics with your students' abilities and grow your own abilities as a commander, leading as many as five Squires to reach their full potential. And always remember: The brave men and women entering your command have tales of their own to tell, their own obstacles that block their path to Knighthood...

G20 Registration is Closed

The Registration for G20 ended on April 10th. Those that have registered will receive a free G20 Alban Gift Pack when they login after G20: The Gate of Sanctuary arrives, featuring the following:

  • Mini Pet Box: Contains a Skeleton Maid, Petal Collar Dog, Brown Explorer Cat or Shark Robe Seal. All four pets give a bonus of 7 HP, MP and SP and can be assigned to watch your personal shop. You can even login as your new pet!
  • G20 Gachapon: G20 comes with a brand-new Gachapon containing a random item from a new set of costumes, decorations and much, much more!
  • Weapon Rental Coupon: The new threats to come forth will require mighty weapons to defeat. With this coupon, you'll be able to claim unlimited 1-Day Weapon Rentals from Rena in Dunbarton. This coupon will last through Tuesday, May 24th.
    • NOTE: Any items rented can be enchanted, upgraded, repaired, dyed, blessed, purified, hammered, and reforged. We strongly recommend that you do not do this since the items have an expiration date.

Remember to login before May 11th, 2016 in order to claim your prize!