MabiLand Hot Days and Hot Weeks

ANNOUNCE 3/17/2016 5:35:32 PM

It's time for a Hot Day Surprise! From now through April 12th, we're giving everyone in Mabinogi special prizes all week and every weekend! There's plenty of great stuff to grab, including M Coins, a pair of adorable hats and more, so take a gander down below!

MabiLand Hot Days and Hot Weeks

Hot Weeks
Login to Mabinogi during the noted weeks to claim the prize!

  • Wednesday, Mar. 16 - Tuesday, Mar. 29: 1x Penguin Cone Hat
  • Wednesday, Mar. 30 - Tuesday, Apr. 5: 1x Neamhain Coin
  • Wednesday, Apr. 6 - Tuesday, Apr. 12: 1x AP Potion (100) + 1x Rebirth Potion

Hot Days
Login to Mabinogi on the noted date to claim the prize!

  • Thursday, Mar. 17: 1x Frog Umbrella + 1x Mini Leprechaun Hat
  • Saturday, Mar. 19: 9x Mabi Coins
  • Saturday, Mar. 26: 1x 8th Anniversary Fantasista 2nd Title Voucher
    • Title Stats: +20 Max Attack, +6 Magic Attack, +8 Alchemy Water/Fire/Wind/Clay Damage, +2 Magic Buff Skill Effect, +4 Magic Defense, +4 Magic Protection
  • Saturday, Mar. 26: 9x Mabi Coins
  • Saturday, Apr. 2: 9x Mabi Coins
  • Saturday, Apr. 9: 9x Mabi Coins

Note: Can claim Hot Day and Hot Week prizes once per account. Must be Level 30 or above to claim Hot Day and Hot Week rewards.