Mega Reforge Tool Bundles

ANNOUNCE 5/18/2016 12:00:00 AM

Who doesn't want more Reforging Tools for their buck? We're releasing some brand new bundles of Fine and Credne's Reforging Tools that give you a massive amount of tools with a huge, 40% bulk discount. These Bundles are only here for two weeks, so stock up today and get your gear to its best possible state!

Mega Reforging Tool Bundles

Sale Dates: Wednesday, May 18 - Tuesday, May 31

Credne's Reforging
Tool (20)
Fine Reforging
Tool (100)
tool tool
    Price: 43,000 NX
    Price: 81,000 NX


  • Reforging stats depend on where the item is equipped. Different stats also have different possible maximums
  • If you reforge multiple times, the existing reforging effect might end up the same or lower