Wizard-in-Training Shopping Bags

ANNOUNCE 5/25/2016 12:00:00 AM

Even the most powerful archmages have to start somewhere, and those that have mastered the mystical arts will always have a special place in their heart for when they were but a simple student. Those with an urge for the nostalgic should check out the Wizard-in-Training Outfits, for a taste of the old school uniforms!

Wizard-in-Training Outfit Shopping Bags

Sale Dates: Wednesday, May 25 - Wednesday, Jun. 15

Wizard-in-Training Outfit Shopping Bag (M) Witch-in-Training Outfit Shopping Bag (F)
    Price: 5,400 NX
    Price: 5,400 NX

Wizard-in-Training Shopping Bag (M) Contents:

  • Wizard-in-Training Suit (M)
  • Wizard-in-Training Shoes (M)

Witch-in-Training Shopping Bag (F) Contents:

  • Witch-in-Training Suit (F)
  • Witch-in-Training Shoes (F)
  • Witch-in-Training Gauntlets (F)

Note: These outfits come in random colors and may be dyed to your liking.