Mission Point Event

ANNOUNCE 6/14/2016 4:45:00 PM

There's always so much to do across Erinn. Vicious monsters to defeat, grand battles to be won, epic pies to be baked... we're unleashing a new event to reward you for all the big and little things you do in the world of Mabinogi. Rebirthing, Completing Dungeons, upgrading weapons, just leveling up... there's plenty of missions to complete and a wealth of prizes for doing so. Check it all out below!

Mission Point Event

Event Dates:
  • Start: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Jun. 16
  • End: Start of Mantenance, Wednesday, Jul. 20

Event Details:
  • Open up the special Mission Point Event menu in bottom-left corner of the screen to see your assigned Missions for the Day, Week and Month
  • 10 Daily Missions will be assigned each day, and reward 30 Points each upon completion. Daily Missions that are not completed will expire and be replaced by new Daily Missions at the start of the next day at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • You can Reset 3 Daily Missions each day, negating any progress made and randomly selecting a new Daily Mission to undertake.
  • 7 Weekly Missions will be assigned each week, and reward 100 Points each upon completion. Weekly Missions reset at 7 AM PDT every Saturday.
  • 5 Monthly Missions will be assigned and reward 300 Points each upon completion. These missions will remain active until the end of the event.
  • Go to the Point Shop to spend the accumulated points on a wide variety of rewards!

Event Rewards:
  • 5,000 Points: Loose-fit Knitwear (F)
  • 5,000 Points: Syncretic Tattoo and Jeans (M)
  • 4,000 Points: Meryl Wig (M)
  • 4,000 Points: Romeo Wig (F)
  • 2,500 Points: Midsummer Night's Dream 2nd Title Voucher
  • 1,500 Points: Snapback
  • 250 Points: 10x Skill Training Seal
  • 200 Points: Midsummer Potion Support Box
  • 200 Points: Midsummer Training Potion Support Box
  • 120 Points: Midsummer Mission Reward Box

Midsummer Mission Reward Box Contents:
Each Random Box contains one item from the below list, selected randomly:
  • Loose-fit Knitwear (F)
  • Loose-fit Knitwear and Stockings (F)
  • Syncretic Tattoo and Jeans (M)
  • Simple Jeans (M)
  • Snapback
  • Midsummer Night's Dream 2nd Title Voucher
  • Red Upgrade Stone of Protection
  • Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection
  • Rice Paddle
  • Triangle Kimbap Hat
  • Cheeseburger Hat
  • Squirrel Mascot Head
  • Rabbit Mask
  • Carrot Muncher Rabbit Mask
  • Blue Upgrade Stone
  • Red Upgrade Stone
  • Skill-Specific Training Seal
  • Support Box
  • Skill Training Potion Surprise Box
  • Special Tendering Potion S
  • 5x MP 100 Potion
  • 5x HP 100 Potions
  • 5x Stamina 100 Potion
  • AP Potion
  • 3x Wound Remedy 100 Potion SE
  • Magic Power Potion
  • Special High Speed Gathering Potion
  • Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion
  • Combat 2x EXP Potion (30 min)