Lorna and Pan's Fresh Start

ANNOUNCE 6/16/2016 12:00:00 AM

Mabinogi's two most generous helpers have banded together with a brand new Tutorial, Help System and more!

Two of Mabinogi's most beloved experts have volunteered to help guide Milletians new and old through a brand new tutorial. Learn the basics of controls, get equipped for a leg-up as you start your adventures in Erinn and claim a pair of Tutorial-Exclusive prizes, including the Floofy Broom Whistle and Lorna's Stadium Horn!

Just create a new Mabinogi character to check out the new tutorial!

Each Rebirth brings a new decision, a question of what Talent you wish to undertake. Now you can try out every talent before picking one! Each Talent can be tried out as part of the revamped Tutorial, with each ability powered up to give you a full view of how powerful you will eventually become.

Ever been lost on a quest and needed just a bit of information? Are you a Mabinogi expert and want to lend a helping hand to your fellow Milletians? The Altruism Quest Board is a new resource to help players connect and share information. The more you help out, the higher your ranking! A high rank unlocks a special Journal entry and a unique effect on you characters.

The land of Erinn is a big place, and the minimap is your best tool for navigating it. We've made a few improvements to it, most notably a search function to let you find NPC's fast, no matter where you are. You can also mouse-over the "QUEST" icons in the minimap to see the quest name and adjust the opacity of the minimap. If you get lost with any of the Minimap's new features, just check in with the Help Window, updated with all of the information about our new features.