Summer Hot Days

ANNOUNCE 6/16/2016 12:00:00 AM

Summer is here and you're in for a treat as, in addition to the Extra Talent Event, Lorna and Pan's Fresh Start, the Mission Point Event, Magical Bingo Gachapon and the NPC Shop Event, we're just continuing to go all out. Get free items, double Combat EXP and 100% repair rate through the end of August. Check it all out below!

Double Combat EXP and 100% Repair Rate

Event Dates: Thursday, Jun. 16 - Tuesday, Aug. 30

Event Details:
  • 2x Combat EXP
  • Repair Rate set to 100%

Note: This event was originally intended to give 2x Monster EXP instead of 2x Combat EXP. Due to the length of the event, we have chosen to continue the Combat EXP bonus until the maintenance on Thursday, July 14th, after which point the 2x Monster EXP event will proceed as originally planned. We apologize for the confusion.

Daily Rebirth Event

Event Dates: Thursday, Jun. 16 - Thursday, Aug. 10

Event Details:
  • All players, regardless of accumulated levels, will be able to Rebirth once per day

Summer Hot Days

Event Dates: Saturday, Jun. 18 - Sunday, Aug. 28

Event Details:
  • Login between 12:00 AM PDT (3:00 AM EDT) and 11:59 PM PDT (2:59 AM EDT) on each Saturday and Sunday in June, July and August to claim the prizes for each day, including the brand new Red Monkey Whistle!

  • Saturday, Jun. 18: 10x Skill Training Seals
  • Sunday, Jun. 19: Red Monkey Whistle

  • Saturday, Jun. 25: 10x Skill Training Seals
  • Sunday, Jun. 26: AP 50 Potion

  • Saturday, Jul. 2: Fine Reforging Tool
  • Sunday, Jul. 3: Special Tendering Potion S

  • Saturday, Jul. 9: Perfect Skill Reset Capsule
  • Sunday, Jul. 10: Rusty Hammer of Proficiency

  • Saturday, Jul. 16: Ancient Magic Powder
  • Sunday, Jul. 17: Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll

  • Saturday, Jul. 23: Artisan Upgrade Restoration Kit
  • Sunday, Jul. 24: Trade Unlock Potion

  • Saturday, Jul. 30: Enchant Protection Potion
  • Sunday, Jul. 31: Repair Protection Potion

  • Saturday, Aug. 6: Intermediate Alban Training Knights Stone Box
  • Sunday, Aug. 7: Advanced Alban Training Knights Stone Box

  • Saturday, Aug. 13: Special Gold Coin Box Coupon
  • Sunday, Aug. 14: Credne's Reforging Tool

  • Saturday, Aug. 20: Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone
  • Sunday, Aug. 21: Lucky Red Upgrade Stone

  • Saturday, Aug. 27: Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection
  • Sunday, Aug. 28: Red Upgrade Stone of Protection