[EXTENDED] Special Equipment Box

ANNOUNCE 8/11/2016 12:00:00 AM

UPDATE: Haven't gotten the weapon you wanted yet? Good news: The Special Equipment Box is sticking around for one more week!

The Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon is a challenge beyond any in Mabinogi. While the skills of a hero will always be the most important factor in any fight, bringing a powerful weapon to the party is a good way to get a leg up on the evil beings that dwell within. The Special Equipment Box is here, packed to the brim with armaments sure to send the minions of darkness fleeing for safety!

Special Equipment Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, Aug. 11 - Tuesday, Sept. 6

Special Equipment Box (1) Special Equipment Box (11)
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX

Special Equipment Box Contents
The Special Equipment Box contains a random weapon from the below list:

Exotic Drops

  • Raccoon Cub Ribbon
  • Fierce Ribbon
  • Avenger Ribbon
  • Raccoon Cub Pendant
  • Turbulent Pendant
  • Avenger Pendant
  • Celtic Royal Crossbow

Legendary Drops

  • Celtic Royal War Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Royal Battle Axe
  • Celtic Royal Warrior Axe
  • Celtic War Hammer
  • Celtic Warrior Hammer
  • Celtic Battle Axe
  • Celtic Warrior Axe
  • Celtic Tribolt Wand
  • Celtic Druid Staff
  • Celtic Guardian Staff
  • Celtic Crossbow
  • Celtic Royal Knight Sword
  • Black Dragon Knight's Bow
  • Black Dragon Knight's Giant Sword
  • The Black Mask's Staff
  • Krutta Broad Sword
  • Demonic Abyss Cylinder
  • Demonic Oculus Lance
  • Demonic Death Penalty Blade
  • Demonic Infinite Bow
  • Demonic Death Knight Sword
  • Demonic Illusion Control Bar
  • Demonic Gloomy Sunday
  • Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher
  • Demonic Solitude Knuckle

Rare Drops

  • Iron Man Colossus Mini (Tradeable)
  • Student Pierrot Mini (Tradeable)
  • Gentleman Colossus Mini (Tradeable)
  • Lady Pierrot Mini (Tradeable)
  • Original Sin Staff
  • Salvation Bow
  • Gospel Cylinder
  • Fanatic Greatsword
  • Pilgrim Sword
  • Sephirot Crossbow
  • Stigmata Knuckle
  • Sephirot Arrow
  • Dowra's Golden Gun
  • Black Star
  • Beginner's Wooden Lightning Wand

Common Drops

  • Dustin Silver Knight Sword
  • Royal Pumpkin Rapier
  • Bracer Knuckle
  • Champion Knuckle
  • Shyllien Mana Knuckle
  • Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckle
  • Ring Bow
  • Wing Bow
  • Volcano Cylinder
  • Earthquake Cylinder
  • Hurricane Cylinder
  • Tidal Wave Cylinder
  • Rebis Guard Cylinder
  • Tower Cylinder
  • Dowra SE
  • Sun Prophet Colt
  • Taunes MK3
  • Hagi's Shuriken
  • Anju's Shuriken
  • Starblade Shuriken
  • Sword of Glory
  • Dragon Fang
  • Dragon Blade
  • Royal Crystal Wing Sword
  • Royal Crystal Wing Shield
  • Knight Lance
  • Lion Claw Lance
  • White Wing Staff
  • Andris Wing Staff
  • Royal Crystal Wing Staff
  • Royal Crystal Wing Bow
  • Highlander Long Bow
  • Masterpiece Bow
  • Dowra's Golden Gun
  • Black Star