Waffle Cone Shopping Bags Return

ANNOUNCE 9/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

With the arrival of Cookie Island, it's time to bring back the classic outfits with a delicious style, the Waffle Cone Shopping Bags! These tasty* ensembles are a perfect match for the scrumptious games in Cookie Island, so dress for success and flavor!

*Note: Waffle Cone items are not edible and do not, in fact, taste like waffles or waffle cones. Rumors that they taste like chicken are also unfounded. We have no comment on their allegedly syrupy flavor.

Waffle Cone Shopping Bags

Sale Dates: Thursday, Sept. 15 – Tuesday, Sept. 27

Lord Waffle Cone Shopping Bag (M) Lady Waffle Cone Shopping Bag (F)
    Price: 5,000 NX
    Price: 5,000 NX

Lord Waffle Cone Shopping Bag (M) Contents:

  • Lord Waffle Cone Suit
  • Lord Waffle Cone Shoes
  • Lord Waffle Cone Bracelet
  • Lord Waffle Cone Heart Key
  • Lord Waffle Cone Hat

Lady Waffle Cone Shopping Bag (F) Contents:

  • Lady Waffle Cone Dress
  • Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
  • Lady Waffle Cone Ribbon Shoes
  • Lady Waffle Cone Bow
  • Lady Waffle Cone Heart Clutch

Note: These outfits come in random colors and may be dyed to your liking.