MapleStory + Mabinogi Event

ANNOUNCE 9/15/2016 5:33:11 PM

The MapleStory + Mabinogi Event is back! Last year's classic crossover with our friends over at MapleStory are back for another round of fun! With new Homestead Props and a new buddy that loves Erinn so much he feels like sticking around, there's plenty for everyone to work for!

MapleStory + Mabinogi Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, September 21 – Wednesday, October 12

Event Details:

  • Speak to the NPC Mushmom in Dunbarton to register a character for the event. Be sure to say hi to the visiting Maplestory characters!
  • Select a baby Maplestory character to adopt and help grow
  • Every real-time day, you'll receive 6 Happy Essences that can be given to the baby to help it grow
  • Every 1 hour of real time, an additional Happy Essence will be delivered as well
  • One the baby is fully grown, bring it back to the Mushmom and collect your rewards including 60,000 EXP, 10,000 Gold, an AP 5 Potion and a Mushking Empire Gift Box!
  • Speak to the Mushmom again to get a new baby to grow! You can turn in a fully grown baby one a real-time day
  • Complete the quest six times to receive the brand-new Pink Bean Homestead Prop!
  • Please note: unused Happy Essences will be deleted every morning at 7 AM

Pink Bean Details:

  • Place the Pink Bean in your Homestead will allow you to claim a new Daily Quest, as you entertain a new buddy that's decided to stick around in Erinn
  • Complete Pink Beans daily quest to receive 80,000 EXP!
  • Quest will remain available even after the Maplestory x Mabinogi Event ends!

Mushking Empire Gift Box Contents
Each Mushking Empire Gift Box contains one of the below items, selected randomly:

  • Giant Yeti Chair
  • Giant King Pepe Chair
  • Mushroom Friend Chair
  • Pink Bean Chair *NEW*
  • Pink Bean's Headset *NEW*
  • Orange Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Horny Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Green Mushroom Figure *NEW*
  • Yeti Figure *NEW*
  • King Pepe Figure *NEW*
  • Blue Upgrade Stone (7 Days)
  • Red Upgrade Stone (7 Days)
  • Various Jewels (5-10cm)
  • Various Free Repair Kits (7 days)
  • Various Potions (x5)
  • Various Double Skill EXP Potions

MapleStory x Mabinogi Hot Weekends

Event Details:

  • Login to Mabinogi during the following days to receive a Weekend Happy Essence, which can be used to grow your little buddy at a better rate than the normal Happy Essences!

  • Saturday, Sept. 24
  • Sunday, Sept. 25

  • Saturday, Oct. 1
  • Sunday, Oct. 2

  • Saturday, Oct. 8
  • Sunday, Oct. 9