Find Halloween Joe!

ANNOUNCE 10/18/2016 5:00:00 PM

The Caravan Joe Hunt is back for Halloween! Find Caravan Joe's brother among a crowd of doppelgangers for AP, Gold, EXP and more, just make sure to do it as fast as possible!

Find Halloween Joe Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 19 - Tuesday, Nov. 1

Event Details:

  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest Caravan Joe's True Identity
  • Speak to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton to enter the Shadow Mission Find Caravan Joe
  • During the Shadow Mission, you will Role-Play as yourself, without access to any skills, pets or mounts
  • Caravan Joe's brother will be hiding out amongst a crowd of doppelgangers, looking like him and all of whom are named... Caravan Joe
  • To help you find him, you'll be provided with three clues about Caravan Joe's brother's appearance: His eyes, his outfit and his hair
  • Find the right Caravan Joe and speak to him to complete the mission!
  • Speaking to the wrong Caravan Joe will teleport you back to the mission's starting area
  • You will be rewarded based on how quickly you find Caravan Joe's brother, earning AP Potions, EXP, Gold and Caravan Joe's Coupons with your first successful run of each real-world day
  • Find him in under 60 seconds and be rewarded with Shamala's Transformation Medal (Caravan Joe) as a bonus prize!
  • Exchange 7 Caravan Joe's Coupons to Caravan Joe for Caravan Joe's Training Seal, which grants 25 Training EXP!