Cookie Wand Event

ANNOUNCE 2/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Cookie Wand Event is back! Grab your Cookie Wands and turn the terrifying and deadly beasts throughout Erinn into tiny, delectable treats. Those treats aren't just for show: Consume the cookie for a powerful buff to keep yourself fighting hard!

Cookie Wand Event

Event Dates: Thursday, Feb. 16 - Tuesday, Feb. 28

Event Details:

  • When you login to Mabinogi, you'll receive the "Cookie Wand Event" quest
  • Speak to Tupai in Cor Village to complete the quest
  • Speak to Ruwai to purchase flavored Cookie Wands and Chocolate Ingredients
  • Cookie Wands have the following stats:
    • +50 Max HP
    • +50 Max MP
    • +50 Max Stamina
    • +20 INT
  • Equip the Cookie Wand and use the Cookie Wand Action on enemy monsters
  • Each attack will consume a Chocolate Ingredient and has a chance to turn the target into a delicious Monster Cookie, matching the wand used and providing a special buff for 8 minutes when devoured:
    • Monster Chocolate (Black): +100 Max Stamina, +25 DEX, +25 WIL
    • Monster Chocolate (Pink): +100 Max MP, +25 INT, +25 WIL
    • Monster Chocolate (White): +100 Max HP, +25 HP, +25 WIL