Pet Care Package

ANNOUNCE 3/1/2017 12:00:00 AM

Give a good welcome to the Pet Care Package, here for three weeks and filled with goodies to keep your pets in fighting shape! With the brand-new Pet Rebirth Potion, a Pet EXP Potion, a pair of Pet Age Potions plus a trio of massive Golden Experience Fruits and more, it's everything your furry (or scaly) little friends have been looking for.

Pet Care Package

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Mar. 1 - Tuesday, Mar. 21

Pet Care Package
    Price: 10,500 NX
    17,200 NX Value!

The Pet Care Package contains the following:

  • *NEW* Pet Rebirth Potion: A potion that rebirths your pet back to the age of 1. It resets your pet's level and stats (Pet Color is not reset)
  • Pet EXP Potion: A potion that doubles Pet Combat EXP for 1 day
  • 3x Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
  • 2x Refined Reforging Tool PLUS
  • Pet Age Potion - Age 1
  • Pet Age Potion - Age 5
  • Pet Dye Ampoule