Sound of Spring Event

EVENTS 4/19/2017 12:00:00 AM

Spring is the season of growth, of new beginnings, of special days ahead, and a new artisan is trying to mark it with the start of his career. Luke has nearly everything he needs: Good hands, strong tools, a wise (if harsh) mentor, a drive to create and a special seed he's sure will create strong trees with good wood.

He just hasn't quite figured out how to get the seed to make that wood. Help him out to claim some of his finest work for your homestead with the Sound of Spring Event!

Sound of Spring Event

Event Duration: Wednesday, April 19th - Tuesday, May 9th

Event Details:

  • Upon logging in, speak to the aspiring artisan Luke in Dunbarton and register a main character for the event and gain a Mysterious Seed to plant in your Homestead
  • Gain Special Tools from Artisan Yella, which are used in quests to get Essence of Spring. Up to 5 Special Tools, and thus Essences of Spring, can be gotten per day, with a bonus Essence of Spring obtainable after completing all 5 daily quests on weekends
  • Use the Essence of Spring on the tree to help it grow and, after 36 minutes, harvest White Wood from the newly grown tree
  • Turn in White Wood to Luke and receive Luke's Gift Box, containing a random item from the list below
    • Can only turn in up to 5 White Wood per day
  • Turn in a total of 40 White Wood to claim a Homestead Fairy Garden prop
  • Turn in a total of 80 White Wood to claim a Homestead Greenhouse prop

Luke's Gift Box Rewards
Each Luke's Gift Box contains a random item from the following list:

  • Homestead Gardening Shelf
  • Homestead Floral Garden Trellis
  • Homestead Garden Trellis
  • Homestead Hyacinth Flower Pot
  • Homestead Red Rose Flower Box
  • Homestead Red Rose Flower Pot
  • Homestead White Rose Flower Pot
  • Homestead Rapa Flower Patch (Whole)
  • Homestead Rapa Flower Patch (Partial)
  • Homestead Morning Glory Flower Basket
  • Homestead Tulip and Morning Glory Trellis Box
  • Homestead Tulip and Morning Glory Flower Box
  • Homestead Garden Workbench
  • Homestead Floral Wheelbarrow
  • Homestead Eggplant Seed
  • Homestead Strawberry Seed
  • Homestead Pumpkin Seed
  • Homestead Cabbage Seed
  • Homestead Tomato Seed
  • Homestead Prairie Grass
  • Homestead Desert Grass
  • Homestead Wagon
  • Homestead Small Chrysanthemum
  • Homestead Speedwell
  • Homestead Daffodil
  • Homestead Flower Pot
  • Farmstone (2)
  • Farmstone (5)
  • Farmstone (10)
  • Cheap Silk (2)
  • Common Silk (2)
  • Fine Silk (2)
  • Finest Silk (2)
  • Cheap Fabric (2)
  • Common Fabric (2)
  • Fine Fabric (2)
  • Finest Fabric (2)
  • Cheap Leather (2)
  • Common Leather (2)
  • Fine Leather (2)
  • Finest Leather (2)
  • Cheap Leather Strip (2)
  • Common Leather Strip (2)
  • Fine Leather Strip (2)
  • Finest Leather Strip (2)
  • Wood Board (3)
  • Large Nail (5)
  • Assorted 5cm Gemstones