Rebirth Potion Parade

EVENTS 5/24/2017 12:00:00 AM

Big things are coming to Mabinogi, and you might want to grab a few bonus Rebirths to get ready. That's why we're bringing a special Rebirth Potion Parade event, giving you the chance to earn multiple Rebirth Potions, just by completing Daily Quests and logging in on the weekend.

Rebirth Potion Parade

Event Dates: Wednesday, May 24 - Wednesday, Jun. 14

Event Details:

  • Log into Mabinogi and speak to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton to register a character for the event
  • Complete the Daily Quest to claim 2x Incomplete Rebirth Potions!
  • 10x Incomplete Rebirth Potions can be combined to create a Rebirth Potion, which can be used to immediately rebirth, regardless of how long it's been since your last Rebirth
  • Login on the following June Weekend days to claim 4x Incomplete Rebirth Potions each day:
    • Saturday, Jun. 3
    • Sunday, Jun. 4
    • Saturday, Jun. 10
    • Sunday, Jun. 11
  • Weekend potions will be given to the first character you login to during the noted period:
    • Pacific (PDT, UTC-7): 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
    • Eastern (EDT, UTC-4): 3:00 AM - 2:59 AM (following day)
    • Paris (CEST, UTC+2): 9:00 AM - 7:59 AM (following day)
    • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 5:00 PM - 4:59 PM (following day)
  • Incomplete Rebirth Potions can be transferred to other characters on the same account via Pet or Bank Inventory
  • Rebirth Potions created through this event will expire 72 hours after creation
  • Incomplete Rebirth Potions cannot be combined into new Rebirth Potions after the conclusion of this event
  • Note: Characters must be cumulative level 30 or above to receive the Weekend Login reward