Shopkeeper's Sale - Spiritual Growth Package

ANNOUNCE 9/5/2017 2:43:21 PM

Tired of grinding levels and looking for Boss-leveled monsters? Well this package is for you! Stop on by and grab your own Spiritual Growth package today! This package contains some cool items like the brand new Tendering Potion SSS, Meditation Potion, and more.

Spiritual Growth Package

Sale Dates: Thursday, September 7 - Wednesday, September 27

Spiritual Growth Package
    Price: 6,700 NX

Package Details

Spiritual Growth Package

  • 1x Receiver of Nao's Blessing Title Coupon
  • 3x Tendering Potion SSS
  • 1x Meditation Potion (Strong)
  • 5x Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
  • 1x Forgetful Potion

Receiver of Nao's Blessing Title Coupon

  • Use this coupon to unlock the Receiver of Nao's Blessing Title.
  • Title Expires after 24 hours.
  • Stats: Max Damage +10, STR +5, INT +5, DEX +5, Will +5, Luck +5, Speed 1%, and All Skills EXP x2.
  • When defeating monsters as a party in a Shadow Mission, Theatre Mission, or Dungeon, party members will receive EXP x1.5, and the title bearer will receive EXP x2.
  • Bonuses stack with Talent Bonuses.

Meditation Potion (Strong)

  • Use this potion to increase your EXP by 30% of the current level every 36 minutes that you maintain the Rest Skill, for 3 days.
  • Rebirthing removes the potions effects.
  • The Meditation time resets upon canceling the Rest Skill.
  • Exp will only be gained if you are level 120 or below

Tendering Potion SSS

  • Use this potion to make any monster seem like boss monsters for 10 minutes.
  • Cannot be traded
  • Can be stored in bank, shared in bank, and can drop.