Balloon Pony Carrot Event

EVENTS 9/7/2017 2:53:42 PM

Everyone's favorite pony has finally arrived! Log in each day to get Balloon Pony's Carrot. Get enough of them to bribe Balloon Pony to be with you FOREVER.

Balloon Pony Event

Event Dates: Thursday, Sep. 21 - Saturday, Oct. 14

Event Details:

  • Log in each day to receive a Balloon Pony's Carrot.
  • Collect 12 Carrots to receive a Balloon Pony Whistle.
  • Rewarded to the first character you log into.
  • Must be Level 30 or above.
  • Don't miss a day to be able to get TWO Balloon Ponies!
  • If you remain logged in overnight, be sure to re-log the next day or change channel to receive the carrot!
  • NOTE: The first character you log into is the Main Character for the event.