Patch Notes - May 3rd

ANNOUNCE 5/2/2018 11:08:08 AM

It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what else has changed!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Homestead Housing Update: Permanent
  • Sound of Spring: Love Blooms: Thursday, May 3rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 31st, Before Maintenance
  • Private Academy Box: Thursday, April 26, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 17, Before Maintenance
  • The Little Orphan Alyn Event: Thursday, April 19, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 10, Before Maintenance
  • Urban Shopping Bags Are Back!: Thursday, April 19, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 10, Before Maintenance
  • Quality of Life Optimization:

    Quality of Life Optimization consists of changes that have been requested by players. We will continue these kinds of updates throughout the year.

  • - Reduced client loading speed.
  • - You can now change the cursor in the text input window by using the mouse or keyboard.
  • - The message window for certain features, like the mailbox have been expanded.
  • - You can now grab a block of text from the chat window with the Shift key, mouse drag, etc.
  • - You can now cut out the text from the chat window with ctrl+X.

  • The following quest objectives have been revised:

  • - “Gather 5 balls of Wool” -> “Gather 5 Wool with a Gathering Knife”.
  • The following quest issues have been fixed:

  • - Players are now teleported to Avelin and Altam during the g20 quest “Guardians”.
  • The following outfit pose interruptions have been fixed:

  • - Adorable Scuba Wear
  • - Energetic Scuba Wear
  • - Friendly Scuba Wear

  • The following features have been fixed:
  • - Auction House will now correctly filter and display the items under sub-categories