Summer Attendance Event

ANNOUNCE 6/8/2018 6:33:36 PM
Are you dedicated to your time in Erinn? Our special attendance event includes some cute new rewards for those who can't get enough of Mabinogi. Answer, "Here!" when Caravan Joe Calls out your name!

Summer Attendance Event

Event Dates: Thursday, June 14, After Maintenance - Thursday, July 19, Before Maintenance

Event Details
  • Talk to Caravan Joe during the event period to obtain an Attendance Check Scroll
  • Every day you log in (real time) you'll earn a stamp on your scroll.
  • You must stay logged in for 36 minutes to receive a stamp.
  • Some stamps earn you special prizes.
  • Days need not be consecutive. It's okay if you miss a couple, but not too many!
  • Must be cumulative Level 30 or higher to participate

Attendance Check Scroll Rewards

Check In Reward
Day 1 Nao Soul Stones (Quantity: 3)
Day 2 Name/Chat Color Change Potion
Day 3 Super Sticky Taffy (Quantity: 5)
Day 4 Full Recovery Potion S (Event) (Quantity: 3)
Day 5 Special Tendering Potion S (Event)
Day 6 Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 3)
Day 7 Rebirth Potion (Event)(Expiration: 7 Days)
Day 8 Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event)
Day 9 Golden Hammer of Durability
Day 10 Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon
Day 11 Full Recovery Potion (Event) (Quantity: 5)
Day 12 Super Sticky Mochi (Quantity: 10)
Day 13 Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass
Day 14 Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 5)
Day 15 Beachball Gesture Card
Day 16 Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
Day 17 Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit
Day 18 Finest Shadow Crystal
Day 19 Special Tendering Potion S (Event)
Day 20 Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box
Day 21 Baltane Mission Crystal (x3)
Day 22 Pon (Quantity: 10)
Day 23 Direct Dye Ampoule (Event)
Day 24 Pet Adoption Medal (Untradeable)
Day 25 Beach Party Shopping Bag Box
Day 26 Ancient Magic Powder (Event)
Day 27 Ap 100 Potion
Day 28 Milkyway Bone Dragon Whistle

Don't forget that the G21 Celebration Event and the Nao's Blessing Daily Event have started! Check out the full details here.