G21 Hotdays

EVENTS 7/11/2018 10:14:31 AM

The G21 Hotdays are here to help celebrate the launch of the 2nd update. Log in each day for 36 minutes to get cool rewards, like an Altam Pixel Balloon, Llywelyn Mini-Gem, and much more! Check out the full details here!

G21 Hotdays

Event Dates: Thursday, July 12, After Maintenance - Saturday, July 21, 11:59 PM PDT

Hotday Details
  • Log in during the listed times to get the respective reward!
  • You must stay logged in for 36 minutes to receive the reward.
  • Must be cumulative Level 30 or higher to participate.

Hotday Rewards

Each day you will receive a Special Gift Box and the respective item for that day.

Date Reward
July 12 Talvish Mini-Gem
July 13 Avelin Mini-Gem
July 14 Caswyn Mini-Gem
July 15 Llywelyn Mini-Gem
July 16 Pixel Altam Balloon
July 17 Pixel Avelin Balloon
July 18 Pixel Llywelyn Balloon
July 19 Pixel Caswyn Balloon
July 20 Pixel Pihne Balloon
July 21 Pixel Talvish Balloon

Special Gift Box Rewards

Opening the gift box will reward a random item from below

  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 1)
  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 3)
  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 5)
  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event) (Quantity: 10)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Quantity: 1)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Quantity: 3)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Quantity: 5)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Quantity: 10)
  • Full Recovery Potion (Event) (Quantity: 3)
  • Full Recovery Potion (Event) (Quantity: 5)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 min) (Quantity: 3)
  • Magic Power Potion (10 min) (Quantity: 1)
  • Magic Speed Potion (30 min) (Quantity: 1)
  • Physical Power Potion (30 min) (Quantity: 1)