The Magical Bingo Gachapon is back!

ANNOUNCE 8/15/2018 6:06:47 PM

Do you feel lucky? The Magical Bingo Gachapon is back to put your fortune to the test! Each Gachapon contains a random item, as well as a number for the mystical item on the Magical Bingo game board that can unlock some truly fantastical prizes. Check it all out below.

Magical Bingo Gachapon

Sale Dates:Thursday, September 13, After Maintenance - Thursday, October 11, Before Maintenance

Magical Bingo Gachapon (1) Magical Bingo Gachapon (11) Magical Bingo Gachapon (45)
    Price:1,200 NX
    Price: 12,000 NX
    Price: 47,500 NX

Sale Details:
  • After purchasing a Magical Bingo Gachapon, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the Magical Bingo screen
  • Click on the Magical Bingo Gachapon icon to open the Gachapon. It will reward you with a random item from a massive selection, as well as unlocking a random number on the game board.
  • Unlock all the numbers in a row or column to get the noted item.
  • Unlock all the numbers on the board to claim the Bingo Grand Prize Box, letting you choose from twelve different wings!
  • You can Reset the board, clearing all the numbers and resetting the potential Bingo items. Everyone has 3 resets to start with, additional resets can be purchased for 1 Pon each.

Bingo Grand Prize Box Contents:
Complete your entire board and select your favorite Wings!

Item Details:

New Items

Additional Items

  • Cessair Officer Robe
  • Holy Eagle Mask
  • Coma Exclusive Enchant Scroll
  • Amnesia Exclusive Enchant Scroll
  • Stabbing Exclusive Enchant Scroll
  • Wave Sweeper
  • Uaithne
  • Goblet of Truth
  • Coco's Bracers
  • Coco's Heels
  • Coco's Hairpin
  • Coco's Mini-Dress
  • Yukata Mini Mask (M)
  • Yukata Mini Hair Ornament (F)
  • Yukata Mini (M)
  • Yukata Mini (F)
  • Geta Sandals (M)
  • Geta Sandals (F)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Headpiece (F)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Dress (F)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Shoes (F)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Sleeves (F)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Headpiece (M)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Suit (M)
  • Otherworldly Hanbok Shoes (M)
  • Theatrical Troupe Outfit (M)
  • Theatrical Troupe Outfit (F)
  • Shamaness Outfit
  • Shamaness Hair Band
  • Shamaness Shoes
  • Shamaness Gloves
  • Men's Tengu Outfit
  • Men's Tengu Hat
  • Men's Tengu Shoes
  • Men's Tengu Gloves
  • Black Dragon Knight's Giant Sword
  • Krutta Broad Sword
  • Black Dragon Knight's Bow
  • Dowra's Golden Gun
  • Black Star
  • Cherished Enchant Scroll
  • Arcane Enchant Scroll
  • Hawk Enchant Scroll
  • Spiritual Exclusive Enchant Scroll
  • Speedy Exclusive Enchant Scroll
  • Direct Dye Ampoule
  • Direct Magical Instrument Dye
  • Direct Pet Dye Ampoule
  • Music Buff Potion (30 min)
  • Spirit Digestive Elixir
  • Katana
  • Masamune
  • Wakizashi
  • Muramasa
  • Tanto
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Theatrical Troupe Shoes (M)
  • Theatrical Troupe Boots (F)
  • Theatrical Troupe Mask (M)
  • Theatrical Troupe Headdress (F)
  • Essence of Phoenix (Quantity: 10)
  • Fine Echostone Awakening Stimulant Upgrade Coupon
  • Spell Book Repair Quill
  • Dual Gun Mastery Training Potion
  • Flash Launcher Training Potion
  • Grapple Shot Training Potion
  • Bullet Slide Training Potion
  • Shooting Rush Training Potion
  • Bullet Storm Training Potion
  • Reload Training Potion
  • Way of the Gun Training Potion