Spring Garden Box

ANNOUNCE 11/5/2018 4:58:54 PM

Home Sweet Home. Make your house feel like home with the Spring Garden Box! This box contains everything you need to decorate your Homestead House, like the Wisteria House Construction Set, White Flower-Embroidered Bed, and more! Check out the full details below.

Spring Garden Box

Sale Dates:Thursday, November 8, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 6, Before Maintenance

Spring Garden Box (1) Spring Garden Box (5) Spring Garden Box (10)
    Price:2,500 NX
    Price: 11,500 NX
    Price: 21,000 NX

Bonus Details:
  • After purchasing a Spring Garden Box, open one up to access the Bonus screen.
  • Click on the Spring Garden Box icon to open the Box. It will reward you with a random item from a massive selection, as well as unlocking a bonus item.
  • Every Spring Garden Box that is opened will give you 1 Point.
  • Open a certain amount to get the noted item.
    • 3 Points: Golden Sprout (Quantity: 5)
    • 5 Points: Figure Selection Box
    • 7 Points: Homestead Spring Garden Wisteria (without stats)
    • 10 Points: Homestead Housing Green Flower-Embroidered Bed
    • 15 Points: Wisteria House Construction Set

New Items

Additional Items

  • Tall Flower Pot
  • Medium Flower Pot
  • Short Flower Pot
  • Pink Rose Tile (Full
  • Pink Rose Tile (Sparse)
  • Vine Rose Fence
  • Wild Rose Bush
  • Rose Vine Arch (Urban)
  • Rose Vine Arch (Rustic)
  • Crown Hanging Roses
  • Floral Hanging Roses
  • Vine Hanging Roses