[UPDATED] 50% Off VIP and Premium Service Sale

ANNOUNCE 11/21/2018 8:45:52 AM

Mabinogi's 2018 Black Friday Sale is here! This year we are having an extended sale of our VIP and Premium Services so load up while you can.

50% off VIP and Premium Service

Sale Dates: Wednesday, November 21, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 20, 11:00 AM PST

Mabinogi Premium Service Mabinogi VIP Service

  • 1 Day: 1,090 NX 545 NX
  • 30 Days: 10,900 NX 5,450 NX
  • 90 Days: 27,700 NX 13,850 NX
  • 1 Day: 1,490 NX 745 NX
  • 30 Days: 14,900 NX 7,450 NX
  • 90 Days: 37,900 NX 18,950 NX

Mabinogi Premium Service Bonuses

  • Guild creation and management tools
  • Free Homestead Housing Lease
  • Rent a House from the Marketplace in the Shop Channel
  • Combat Experience Bonus
  • Camping Penalty removed
  • Experience loss from reviving in town removed
  • Proficiency bonus
  • Access to Premium Gestures
  • Birthday presents from Nao: On your character’s birthday, get an accessory from Nao once every week! The birthday is listed in the Character Info Window under the “Additional Information” tab
  • Daily Advanced Play Items: Get a free random item daily on each of your characters! Look for the “A” at the bottom right of your menu bar
  • Taillteann farmland Rentals: Rent a farmland plot in Taillteann

Mabinogi VIP Service Bonuses

  • All the benefits of the Mabinogi Premium Service
  • Unlimited Continent Warp: 12th hour refresh restrictions are lifted on Continent Warp. Travel as much as you like!
  • Expanded Daily Shadow Mission Bonuses: In addition to the 2 regular daily Shadow Missions, you will be able to do 2 VIP daily Shadow Missions which receive a boost to gold and experience earned.
  • Free Access to Style Tab: Don’t limit your fashion choices to just armor. The Style Tab allows you to wear your gear, and also wear a decorative outfit without losing your stats!
  • Increased Item Durability: Your items will last longer while you adventure around Erinn

Note: Be sure to select the correct duration before confirming your purchase. Please note that service days are stack-able if you wish to purchase multiple denominations.