[UPDATE] Blaanid Memoir Coin Event

ANNOUNCE 12/10/2018 4:06:29 PM

Blaanid wants to show her appreciation for helping her with a new event! Log in during the event period to collect Blaanid Memoir Coins. Collect a certain amount to get a Blaanid Doll Bag Coupon, or a Blooming Roses 2nd Title Coupon! Check out the full details below!

NOTE: If you were one coin away from the Blooming Roses 2nd Title, please submit a ticket to receive your title. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Blaanid Memoir Coin Event

Event Dates: Thursday, December 27, 8:00 AM PST - Thursday, January 24, Before Maintenance

Event Details
  • The first character you log into will be automatically assigned as the main character.
  • Log in every day for 36 minutes during the event period to receive a Blaanid Memoir Coin.
  • Character must be level 30 or above to participate.

Blaanid Memoir Coin Details
  • Blaanid Doll Bag Coupon - Collect and combine 14 Blaanid Memoir Coins I.
  • Blooming Roses 2nd Title Coupon - Collect and combine 7 Blaanid Memoir Coins II after obtaining the Blaanid Doll Bag Coupon.