Weekend Buff Events!

ANNOUNCE 4/26/2019 5:25:28 PM

Weekend Buff Events

Hello Milletians,

As a token of appreciation for your patience during our recent maintenances, we are running a buff event through the weekend! Please take a look at our announcement regarding the April 24th Scheduled Maintenance for more info.

Event Dates: Saturday, April 27, 12:00 AM PDT - Sunday, April 28, 11:59 PM PDT

Event Details: Log in to the game and gain an extra boost!

  • 4x Item Drop Rate: Receive an increase in item drop rates from monsters and dungeons.
  • 3x Monster EXP: Receive an increase in normal EXP received from slaying monsters!
  • 2x Quest EXP: Receive an increase in quest completion EXP, including shadow mission clears.

Note: There is a typo on the event popup, stating an increase in EXP (2x) and Quest Gold (x1). The event increases Item Drop Rate (4x), Monster EXP (3x), and Quest EXP (2x)!

- The Mabinogi Team