Server Merge Celebration Events

ANNOUNCE 5/28/2019 1:37:05 PM

To celebrate the birth of the Nao server, we have a variety of events! Show your spirit with a new title, and receive a box of goodies, too! Want to join a new guild? Never been easier! If that isn't enough, consider creating a new identity with the increased character limit on names, until June 20th! Check out the full details for each event here!

Table of Contents

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Log in to a character after the maintenance to receive a 1st Title based on your character's original server.
    • 'of Team Mari' 1st Title
    • 'of Team Ruairi' 1st Title
    • 'of Team Tarlach' 1st Title
    • 'of Team Alexina' 1st Title

  • Notes: The character must have been created before the June 3rd maintenance to be eligible to receive the title.
  • The title is given to every character on an account, depending on which server the character was originally created on.
  • The title will appear in the character's Title menu.

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance ~ Thursday, June 20, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Login during the event period for a cumulative 36 minutes to receive the Nao Server Launch Celebration Gift Box, containing the items below!
    • 'Nao Together' 2nd Title Coupon - This title gives a gold shine around your feet, and boosts the character's Luck by +25 when equipped!
    • Nao Cheer Fan - Show your spirit and cheer for Nao!
    • Nao Figure - A Nao Figure for your homestead, boosts Dexterity +2 and Luck +2 when placed!
    • 10 Pon
  • Rewarded only once per account.
  • Characters from both Nao and Alexina servers are eligible for this gift!
  • Character must be cumulative total level 30 or above to receive the reward.

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance ~ Thursday, June 20, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • During this time, you will be able to leave your current guild and join a new guild after a real-time day, instead of a real-time week!

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance ~ Thursday, July 18, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Ever wanted a longer name? Well now you can!
  • During the event duration, you can create a new character or change your name using the Name Change Coupon (when it is available) and choose a name with up to 16 characters!
  • Names can originally be between 3 ~ 12 characters. During the event, the name selection can be made between 3 ~ 16 characters.
  • Does not affect pet or partner name creation.

Notes: The Name Change Coupon is coming soon! Please keep an eye on the main page for future updates!

  • A name cannot be changed to a name that already exists or contains spaces, special characters, or prohibited words.
  • If a name change is performed for an existing character, the limitations of the Name Change Coupon applies. Please pay attention to the notes and instructions on the Name Change Coupon page before proceeding when it is available, or view the limitations here.
  • If you change to an inappropriate character name, the change may be canceled.
  • If the character name change is canceled, you cannot receive the new name.
  • Character Names over 12 characters in length may display abnormally in certain UI menus.
    • Party Menu
    • Squad Menu
    • Character Info Menu

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance ~ Wednesday, June 19th, 11:59 PM PDT.

Event Details:

  • Login during the event duration to receive the event quest: 'The Excitement of a Fresh Start'.
  • Speak to NPC Annie in Dunbarton to select a main character for the event (must be cumulative level 30).
  • After selecting a main character, you will receive the event quest, 'New Beginnings, New Encounters'.
  • Each day, log in for 36 cumulative minutes to complete the daily quest objective and receive an item reward from the below list!
    • Note: Cumulative time resets if you log off or change channels.
  • Daily log in time resets at 12:00 AM PDT.
  • When the quest is completed, you will receive the Everyday Outfit Selection Box.

Rewards List:

Days Item
1 Full Recovery Potion x5
2 Nao Soul Stone x3
3 Golden Experience Fruit (500%) x2
4 Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass x1
5 Unlimited Dungeon Pass x1
6 Rusty Hammer of Proficiency x1
7 Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) x1
8 Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.) x1
9 Lucky Blue Upgrade Stone x1
10 (NEW!) Everyday Sneakers
11 Lucky Red Upgrade Stone x1
12 Spirit Liqueur of Blessing x1
13 Warm-up Gesture Card
14 Perfect Free Repair Kit
15 Receiver of Nao's Blessing Title Coupon

Event Dates: Monday, June 3, After Server Merge Maintenance ~ Thursday, June 13th, Before Maintenance

Double Skill Training and AP!?

  • Receive buffs to help train your character! Plus, during special hours during the weekend, receive 10 times more AP and Training EXP!
  • During the event period:
    • 2x Skill Training EXP
    • 2x AP Gain
  • During special hours on the weekend, the buffs will be increased even more:

    • Pacific (PDT, UTC-7): [12:00 PM - 1:00 PM] & [7:00 PM - 8:00 PM]
    • Eastern (EDT, UTC-4): [3:00 PM - 4:00 PM] & [10:00 PM - 11:00 PM]
    • Paris (CEST, UTC+2): [9:00 PM - 10:00 PM] & [4:00 AM - 5:00 AM]

Day Buff
Saturday, June 8 10x Skill Training EXP
Sunday, June 9 10x AP Gain

Fever Time!

During the weekdays, the following buff events will be running!

  • +10% Enchant success rate
  • +10% Alchemy success rate
  • +10% Production success rate
  • +5% Special Upgrade success rate

During the weekends, the following buff events will be running!

  • 2x Combat EXP
  • 2x Baltane Mission EXP
  • 2x Shadow Mission EXP
  • 2x Proficiency Rate

Free Repair Fee!

  • During this time, you can repair your items for free!

Fresh New Look?

  • During this time, you can change your look for free, without using Pons!
  • Note: Character appearance options that require beauty coupons will still require the coupon.

Check out the Master Plan Event and the returning sales to celebrate the Server Merge!