12th Anniversary - Patch Notes - March 19th

ANNOUNCE 3/12/2020 12:45:31 AM

Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes featuring Mabinogi's 12th Anniversary!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Playful Puzzles Event: Thursday, January 23rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 7th, Before Maintenance
  • Shopkeeper's Sale: Pet Sale!: Thursday, March 12th, After Maintenance - Thursday, March 26th, Before Maintenance
  • Tech Chic Box: Thursday, March 5th, After Maintenance - Thursday, March 26th, Before Maintenance
  • Glorious Wing Box: Thursday, March 19th, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 16th, Before Maintenance
  • 12th Anniversary Celebration: Thursday, March 19th, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 9, Before Maintenance

  • New Updates:

    • Happy anniversary, Milletians! Celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Mabinogi with wondrous festivities and earn fabulous rewards! Check the event page for in-depth details!
      • Lorna in Festia will help guide you through The Start of a New Festival!
      • Complete the [Guide] Mysterious Magical Book to earn 12th Anniversary coins and prize tickets as well as passes to enter the returning event, the Cave of Trials.
      • Conquer the waves of enemies within the Cave of Trials to receive prizes and event titles celebrating your achievements! The title rewards will replace your existing Cave of Trials titles if you've been through the scenario previously.
      • Take on daily and weekly quests to prepare the town for the festival! You'll be rewarded with EXP, 12th Anniversary coins, and more!
      • Locate the Suspicious Milletian in a Strange Land to begin the hunt for Developer's 12th Anniversary Thank-You Notes, which can be used in several different ways.
      • Talk to the Culinary Artist in Storybook Tir Chonaill to Feed the Hungry Pinky. You'll receive coins and prize tickets as thanks!
      • Receive 12th Anniversary Festival Gift Box every day for logging in for 36 minutes! There are additional special anniversary rewards for logging in on weekends.
      • Use gold or 12th Anniversary Instant Prize Tickets from the different events at the Prize Ball Box in Storybook Tir Chonaill! There are super special limited prizes for some lucky Milletians!
      • Speak to the Chief in Storybook Tir Chonaill to exchange your 12th Anniversary Coins for special prizes!
    • The RGB tooltip feature has been added, allowing you to see the RGB (red, green, blue) values of individual item piece sections when hovering over them with your cursor.
    • The following items will gain the ability to be dropped or destroyed:
      • Girgashiy Slayer Title Coupon
      • Girgashiy Eradicator Title Coupon
      • Girgashiy Challenger Title Coupon

    The following bug fixes and changes have been made to the game:

    • Removed the temporary restriction on in-game character and pet creation for duplicate names blocked by the server merge
    • Graphic issues with Solaris items from the Glimmering Wonders of Nature Box have been fixed
    • Graphic issues with Romantic Flight have been fixed
    • Updated the character name word filter, removing some unnecessary words
    • Dialogue text correction for the Red Mask Phantom in G24
    • Dialogue text correction during the quest Things that go Bump in the Night
    • Dialogue text correction during the Shadow Mission Rebound
    • Tooltip clarification on the item Forgetful Potion on usage limitation

    The following are known bugs:

    • The Death Herald Scythe Appearance Scroll makes a character appear to float.
    • The White Pet Collar Defense incorrectly states "Defense Rate".
    • Kaour & Logan Balloons cannot be listed in the Auction House.
    • There is a known bug where some items do not display their RGB Code properly. We are working on a fix to be deployed in a future patch.