Independence Convoy Returns

ANNOUNCE 6/29/2016 12:00:00 AM

Summer's here an' the sun is high, but nothin' says summer quite like the hoof beats of the Independence Convoy. Last year's varmit-smackin' good time is back once again for the 4th of July with some new prizes with the Red, White and Blue. Don't ferget, though: Those monsters ain't lookin' to make your road to riches easy at all. Mosey on down to the Maiz Prairie and make sure Mr. Colt comes along for the ride!

Independence Convoy Details

Event Dates: Wednesday, June 29 - Wednesday, July 13
  • Log-in and receive the Mabinogi Independence Day Event quest
  • You will also receive an Orange Wing of the Goddess that will teleport you to the event area
  • Speak to Castellon near the North Eastern Maize Prairie Mana Tunnel
  • Castellon will have three extra quests for you
  • The convoy will prepare for departure at the North Eastern Maize Prairie Mana Tunnel
  • The convoy will prepare to depart (all aboard!) at the 50 minute mark of each odd hour of real time
  • the convoy will depart after 10 minutes from the preparation time
  • See the Independence Convoy Depature Schedule here
  • You must escort and protect the convoy until it reaches its destination
  • There will be 3 checkpoints for the convoy
  • Check in at each checkpoint to complete the objectives
  • If there are a large amount of people crowding the checkpoint NPC's, use ctrl+tab to automatically target the nearest NPC
  • Note: Being in Combat Mode will cause you to target monsters, make sure you are in Normal Mode to target NPC's
  • The convoy will stop periodically during its travel route making it an easy target for monsters. You must protect the convoy!
  • The convoy cannot be healed. Make sure to fend off any monsters attacking the convoy
  • Monsters defeated may drop an Iria Convoy Voucher
  • When you reach the caravan's destination, you will hand over the caravan to Baron Vermont
  • Baron Vermont will reward you with an Iria Convoy Voucher
  • When you collect 10 Iria Convoy Vouchers, turn them into Castellon for an Convoy Reward Box
  • If you safely deliver the convoy without losing a single wagon, you will be rewarded with a Special Iria Convoy Voucher
  • The Special Iria Convoy Voucher is equal to 10 Iria Convoy Vouchers

Note: If you log out or change channels, you will not be able to complete the quest until the next convoy arrives.

Independence Convoy Departure Schedule

All Aboard Departure
1:50 AM 2:00 AM
3:50 AM 4:00 AM
5:50 AM 6:00 AM
7:50 AM 8:00 AM
9:50 AM 10:00 AM
11:50 AM 12:00 PM
1:50 PM 2:00 PM
3:50 PM 4:00 PM
5:50 PM 6:00 PM
7:50 PM 8:00 PM
9:50 PM 10:00 AM
11:50 PM 12:00 AM

Convoy Reward Box

New Items for 2016
  • Andras Wear (Female)
  • Summer Knit Cap
  • Red Cowboy Hat
  • White Cowboy Hat
  • Blue Cowboy Hat

Super Rare Items
  • Exclusive Enchant Scroll - Steam
  • Exclusive Enchant Scroll - Restored
  • Exclusive Enchant Scroll - Dignified
  • Exclusive Enchant Scroll - White Hose
  • Exclusive Enchant Scroll - Conceptual
  • Enchant Scroll - Stiff
  • Enchant Scroll - Lizard
  • Enchant Scroll - Fierce
  • Enchant Scroll - Glorious
  • Enchant Scroll - Hot
  • Enchant Scroll - Raccoon Cub
  • Enchant Scroll - Crocodile
  • Enchant Scroll - Sniping

  • Striped Bikini (F)
  • Striped Swim Trunks (M)
  • Frill Swimsuit (F)
  • Floral Swim Trunks (M)
  • Giant Spark Swim Trunks (M)
  • Giant Monokini (F)
  • Giant Diamond Swim Trunks (M)
  • Hawaiian Swimsuit (M)
  • Hawaiian Swimsuit (F)
  • Safety First Swimsuit (M)
  • Wild Beauty Swimsuit (M)
  • Striped Swimsuit (M)
  • Lacy Swimsuit (F)
  • Wild Beauty Swimsuit (F)
  • Striped Swimsuit (F)
  • Watermelon Hat
  • Straw Hat

Accessories and Celebration Items
  • Fishing Chair
  • Fishing Chair for Two
  • American Umbrella
  • Sparkling Star Umbrella
  • Fireworks Kit-Red
  • Fireworks Kit-Blue
  • Fireworks Kit-White

  • Blue Upgrade Stone (Event)
  • Red Upgrade Stone (Event)

  • Speed Walk Potion 30% (5 min)
  • Speed Walk Potion 30% (10 min)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (5 min)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 min)
  • Speed Walk Potion 60% (10 min)
  • Stamina 100 Potion RE
  • Stamina 300 Potion RE
  • HP 100 Potion RE
  • HP 300 Potion RE
  • HP 500 Potion RE
  • HP 1000 Potion RE
  • MP 50 Potion RE
  • MP 100 Potion RE
  • MP 300 Potion RE
  • MP 500 Potion RE
  • Strawberry Shaved Ice
  • Lemon Shaved Ice
  • Orange Shaved Ice
  • Fishing Buff Potion