Mabinogi Aces: Merlin

ANNOUNCE 11/11/2013 3:58:24 PM
A veritable myth, this young wizard was a magical prodigy. Since attaining the epic magical rank of Druid, he has vanished, lost to the mists of time. Though he is now nothing more than legend, rumors still abound of a powerful young druid roaming the land.

Table of Contents

  • Magic Weapon Mastery
  • Hone Your Skills
  • When level increases
  • When aging
  • 2x Skill Training
  • The Era of the Mage
  • The Gift of Merlin
  • All New Character Cards
  • Organize Your Outfits in the New Dressing Room
  • Fashion Bingonogi
  • Special Thanks

  • The Path of the Druid

    Merlin has inspired all the citizens of Erinn and now new content is coming to Mabinogi! We're introducing our first Hero Talent, the Druid: a special breed of spell caster who seeks complete magic mastery and wields a unique set of powers.

    Hero talents encompass multiple existing talents, but offer special bonuses throughout your progression. Druids begin their journey as an Aspiring Mage, Aspiring Cleric, and Aspiring Apothecary (all titles are given), and have access to the Meteor Strike, Spellwalk, Magic Weapon Mastery, and Snap Cast skills right off the bat. Additionally, Druids have access to the Hero Support System, an innovative new way to mirror the AP and experience earned onto a separate character.

    Summon a flaming rock ball from beyond the heavens! Meteor Strike is a massive area-of-effect attack that will shatter bones and pulverize your enemies into a fine powder. Withstand your enemies attacks long enough to cast and they'll be in for a hot surprise. Through practice, you’ll be able to hone your strike and create an even larger radius with continuous burn damage.

    Those that master the tricky new Spellwalk skill will be able to keep themselves moving and still focus on their casting. Once Spellwalk is activated, you (and only you) will be able to see an indicator under your feet showing that you’re ready to whip up another spell. Fire out an Icebolt or heal a party member. With Spellwalk, you'll always have the upper hand.

    The strongest magicians aren’t bound by time any more than they’re bound by space. Activate Snap Cast and start stringing together destructive combos. With Snap Cast, a small duration bar will appear that depletes as you’re casting spells. Some simpler spells will require no cast time at all, while others have a reduced cast time. Note: this spell is available to all magic-users.

    This new passive skill will allow young Druids to hone their precision with a variety of wizardly weaponry. Defeat enemies with magic weapons and increase your damage output as you progress through Erinn. The better you become, the more challenging your opponents will need to be in order to train effectively.

    Those who follow in Merlin's footsteps will receive a 2X training bonus on certain skills, and start with an additional 10 Intelligence, 5 Will, 10 MP, and 5 Stamina. As long as Druid continues to be the active talent set, Intelligence, Will, and MP will see boosted growth upon leveling and aging.

  • Intelligence +0.5
  • Will +0.25
  • MP +0.25

  • Intelligence +2
  • Will +1
  • MP +1

  • First Aid
  • Herbalism
  • Potion making
  • Production Mastery
  • Study: Potion Poisoning
  • Meditation
  • Enchant
  • Healing
  • Magic mastery
  • Party Healing
  • Fire Mastery
  • Ice Mastery
  • Lightning Mastery
  • Bolt mastery
  • Magic Weapon Mastery
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Thunder
  • Shockwave
  • Firebolt
  • Fireball
  • Meteor Strike
  • Icebolt
  • Ice Spear
  • Hail Storm
  • Fusion bolt
  • Fire Shield
  • Ice Shield
  • Lightning Shield
  • Natural Shield
  • Mana Shield
  • Blaze
  • Spellwalk
  • Snap Cast

  • Completionists won’t find satisfaction until they earn the Druid Talent Sigil, which is gained through reaching the Master of Cleric, Master of Magic, and Master of Apothecary talent levels, then completing the Grandmastery requirements set forth by Lezarro.

    Truly, now is the golden age of magic in Erinn. During the Era of the Mage event, a special 2x training bonus will apply to all mage skills. Take advantage of the bonus and you'll level up with lightning speed.

    Rumors of Merlin's return have awakened a great power in Erinn. Players who log in on November 16th will be awarded the mystical Shyllien Mana Knuckles for their loyalty.

    Merlin is the first in a whole suit of Aces set to arrive in Erinn. Prepare yourself for glory with an all new selection of Character Cards, available now.

    To be a Druid is to follow in the wake of heroes. So powerful are Druids that they are practically overflowing with AP. Nao forbid any of it goes to waste! After you choose a Hero talent, you’ll have the option to select any other character on your account as the dual recipient of some of your earned AP. That means that up to 50 AP you earn every week on your Druid can be mirrored over to your other character. Multiple heroes can support the same character, so try out different combinations to find the most effective way to maximize your progression.

    The Hero Support System is included with any of the newly offered character cards listed below.

    Think of Aces as the best of your basic cards: you’ll have all the advantages afforded in a Basic Character Card, plus all of the exciting new content that comes with the Mabinogi Aces update.

    Show the world what a true master of magic wears to work! The Merlin Character Card offers all of the benefits of the Ace Character Card but comes bundled with the signature stylings of Merlin.

    This exclusive new card is limited to those who have already proven themselves worthy of the title of Hero. In order to be eligible to use this card, you must have a current character on your account that has a cumulative level of 1,000 or higher.

    In addition to having access to the Aces, your Hero Character Card starts you off at level 1,000 and comes packaged with 400 AP to be used however you desire. You’ll also start with a strong selection of skills already advanced to a formidable rank.

    This option is not for the faint of heart, and only the most elite Milletians will meet the criteria. Elite Heroes must have a character at cumulative level 2,000 or higher.

    Elite Hero Character Cards grant Aces access, and will launch you into Erinn as a level 2,000 character with 800 AP to invest as you see fit. Your character will receive all the skills of the Hero Card, and most of the skills will have additional ranks.

    Which Card Will You Choose?

    And say goodbye to Ropa! Now you can extend your style tab for 30 days with just the click of a button.

    Collecting equipment has never been this much fun. Caravan Joe always has some interesting tricks up his sleeve, so stop by and inquire about a Bingo Event Scroll. Obtaining the scroll is the easy part – but scoring a Bingo is another matter. In order to stamp the numbered sections of your scroll, you’ll have to take a spin at the Bingonogi roulette wheel.

    Check out the full details on how to play Fashion Binogogi and what you could win below!