Lorraine's Nightmare Event

EVENT 8/22/2012 3:32:19 PM

Halloween is months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a spooky event right now! Enter the nightmares of Lorraine and fight for your life in the Zombie Event. Party up and pick your class then use your allowance of gold to buy the perfect skills and equipment for the job. Be sure to invest the gold you earn after each round to become the ultimate zombie slayer! After the zombie rampage has cleared, you’ll discover Lorraine's Dream Gift Box. Check out the frighteningly awesome prizes you can get:

Sparkling Star Umbrella
Panda Umbrella
Broken Umbrella
Imp Sky War Sword
Purple Falcata
Reading Chair
Living Room Chair
School Chair
Champion Knuckle
Bracer Knuckle

What are you waiting for? Jump online now and banish zombies until September 11, 2012!