[EXTENDED] Snake Dungeon Event

EVENTS 1/16/2013 11:07:57 AM
Snake Dungeon Event has been extended until the 20th!

Snakes are invading Erinn and the citizens need your help! Gather a party of 3-8 people and hurry over to Caravan Joe, who will be waiting for you at the Dunbarton Bell Tower. He’ll teleport you to the Snake Dungeon Shadow Mission where you’re the only thing that stands between innocent citizens and waves of venomous snakes! After defeating all the slithering serpents, you’ll find even greater foes waiting, but if you manage to make it out of the Shadow Mission alive, you’ll be rewarded with Gold, EXP, a New Year's Charming Pouch, and the "The Lucky Snake" title!

Use your New Year's Charming Pouch for a chance at some of these festive items and more!

Traditional Korean Male Outfit
Traditional Korean Female Outfit
Traditional Korean Male Shoes
Traditional Korean Female Shoes
Traditional Korean Male Hat
Traditional Korean Female Hat
Hanbok (F)
Hanbok (M)
Hanbok for Male Giants
Hanbok for Female Giants
Hanbok Shoes (M)
Hanbok Shoes (F)
Hanbok Shoes for Male Giants
Hanbok Shoes for Female Giants
Hanbok Bandana (M)
Hanbok Bandana (F)
Hanbok Bandana for Male Giants
Hanbok Bandana for Female Giants

Join us in the fight to save Erinn from January 17 – February 14, 2013!

-The Mabinogi Team-