Homestead Renewal

EVENTS 3/19/2013 10:35:43 AM

Prepare to upgrade your Homestead! If you are over level 10, you’ll receive a string of quests for the Homestead Renewal upon logging in. Complete the “Collect a Homestead Stone Once Per Day!” quest to receive a Homestead Stone Fragment that will help you renovate your farm. Collect 6 and trade them into the  “Homestead Management” quest to receive the 2nd title “Homestead”,  a cute house  prefix which gives you the following stat boosts: speed +1%, gathering speed +3%, luck +10.

Here are some of the new items included in the renewal:

Cookie Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree
Outlaw’s Booty
Washing Line
Orange Tree
Small Star
Street Lamp
Flower Pot
OX Street Lamp
Practice Scarecrow
Gift Pile
Outlaw’s Disguising Instrument
Milk Cow

Some props will require you to pay a maintenance fee so be sure to stay on your taxes!

What are you waiting for? Give your farm some much deserved TLC with the Homestead Renewal!