Dressing Room Hoarder

EVENTS 4/28/2014 10:46:00 AM

That shirt is soooo 2013. Wouldn't you like to spruce up your wardrobe with fresh new styles? Fortunately for you, Simon has grown bored of last year's fashions and is entering all Milletians in a once-a-day random clothes drawing. How many outfits can you fit in your Dressing Room?


Event dates:

Wednesday, April 30 - Tuesday, May 13 (2 weeks)

  • Talk to Simon in Dunbarton to enter your character in the event.
    • NOTE: Only 1 character per account can receive fashion items. Whichever character you enter in the event will be locked for its duration. Once a character is selected, you may need to log out or change channels in order for the event to take effect.
  • Log in every day to receive a special themed Fashionogi Box:
    • Monday – Fashionogi Hat Box
    • Tuesday – Fashionogi Shoe Box
    • Wednesday – Fashionogi Gloves Box
    • Thursday – Fashionogi Outfit Box
    • Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Fashionogi Special Box
      • The Fashionogi Special Box could contain items of any type and has a higher chance of containing rare items.