Torchlight Bazaar

EVENTS 5/9/2014 1:46:35 PM

Everyone's favorite night market is back! A limited number and large variety of affordable crafting materials can now be purchased from bazaar vendors... but you'll have to find them first. Have your gold bags at the ready-- the heart of the desert holds many treasures.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, May 14 - Tuesday, May 20 (1 week)

Event Details:

  • Every in-game evening from 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM, the Torchlight Bazaar will appear somewhere in the Connuous region of Iria.
    • Look for major landmarks like the Spider, Lizard, Scorpion, Sandworm or Fish to find the Bazaar. The location of the Bazaar is randomized every night.
  • When you find the Bazaar, speak to the different vendors. Each store offers rare materials at bargain prices - but in limited quantities.
    • These quantities reset after midnight (Erinn time).

Event Rewards:

Crafting essentials at closeout prices.






Fine Firewood  500g Mythril Cable 500g Brifne Carp 50g Iron Bar 200g Thin Thread Ball 15g
Finest Firewood 750g Spirit Viewing Powder 500g Striped Marlin 100g Mythril Bar 200g Thick Thread Ball 15g
Tough String 1500g Food Waste 250g Catfish 100g Silver Bar 250g Finest Fabric 500g
Common Leather 150g Sunfish Bone 50g Carniverous Fish 50g Copper Plate 1375g Briad 20g
Fine Leather 150g Ghost Fluid 500g Sweetfish 50g Gold Ingot 1500g Common Leather Strap 40g
Finest Leather 150g Magical Golden Thread 50g Silk-Striped Marlin 75g Silver Ingot 750g Fine leather Strap 75g
Magical Silver Thread 50g Smelt 12g Mythril Ingot 2500g Finest Leather Strap 150g
Bundle of FIne Bolt Heads 1500g Rainbow Trout 100g Gold Plate 1625g Common Silk 500g
Fine Silk 500g Ray 100g Copper Ingot 400g Finest Silk 500g
Touch Thread 1000g Lamprey 100g Iron Ingot 200g Fine Fabric 500g
Wyvern Claw 500gg Angler Fish 100g Mythril Plate 1250g
Abb Neagh Carp 100g Iron Plate 1250g
Sunfish 100g Silver Plate 1500g

Known Issues:

  • Dart Game and Hammer Game will award a Torchlight Coupon which (contrary to the item's description) cannot be redeemed with the Black Dragon Human Avatar NPC during this event.