Lorraine's Strange Dreams

EVENTS 5/15/2014 2:51:26 PM
Poor Lorraine can't sleep - every single night she's dreaming of innocent people in perilous circumstances. Mari, Ruairi...have you heard these names before? What can you do to help cure Lorraine's insomnia and unravel this mystery?

Event Dates:
Wednesday, May 21 - Tuesday, June 10 (3 weeks)

Event Details:
  • Speak to Lorraine in Dunbarton for a Daily Quest concerning the strange dreams she's been having.
  • Progress through all six dream event missions (Mari, Tarlach, Ruairi, Jenna, Cai, and Marlow).
    • Completing each dream will earn you Gold or EXP.

Event Reward:
  • 5 AP
  • Skill Training Seal (10)
  • Strange Dreamer Title (given only once)