[UPDATE] Shamala Patch Notes

ANNOUNCE 12/18/2012 7:25:23 PM


G17S3 Shamala Update!

Shamala Storyline Added
      -All New Quests
Transformation Mastery Added
      -Shamala is now found in Cor, dressed and with head included
      -Transformation Collection Added
      -Hunting Collection Added

Lord Missions Added
      -Must have at least one master talent to enter these special missions
      -Three missions available at Tara.
      -A pass is required for each party member that wishes to join
      -Harder than any previous shadow missions, even Elite!

Demon Weapons Added
      -New weapons just for Masters of their talent
      -Craft Demon Weapons by collecting the materials in Lord Missions
      -All new enchants found only in Lord Missions

      -Required exp per level has been adjusted.

Limited time only!

New Tchaikovsky Character Cards!
      -Nutcracker and Swan Lake outfits! 
      -Outfits come with idle animations: marching for males and ballet for females.

Cheetah Pet available in the Cash Shop!
      -Fastest land mount ever made!
      -Each comes with a gift box including a title and a chance at either a Cheetah Bellpaw Club OR a Cheetah Headband.

Shamala Gachapon available in the Cash Shop!
      -Each box contains either a gesture or an NPC Transformation Medal.
      -A Shadow Crystal is included in each box.
      -Get a medal you already have? Turn it into a Coupon! Three coupons gives another random NPC medal!

Monster Urns are back in the Cash Shop!
      -Each Urn comes with a Monster Transformation Coin and one additional item!
      -Already have the monster transformation you just got? Trade with someone else!
      -Includes a chance at prizes such as:
      -The all-new Shamala Outfit set 
      -Pierrot and Colossus Outfits
      -Huw and Puppet Theater Outfits
      -Various pre-enchant armor and weapons including Oblivion and Spike enchants
      -Items with pre-set rank 1 and 2 reforges

All New Events!

Shamala Event
      -Complete the Shamala Storyline during the event to receive a special prefix title: Shamala
      -Max HP +20
      -Max Stamina + 10
     -Complete all of the event’s Transformation Quests to earn the ability to transform into Ferghus
**Shamala Event ends on January 17, 2013. Make sure to complete the storyline to get your added bonus!

Snowball Fight Event
      -Requires 2 teams of 8 people each to start
      -Overtake the other team's snowman first to win!
      -Obtain Caravan Joe's Box Pieces:
      - Players who win Snow fight receive 1 Box Piece (per fight) 
      -Players who complete the Daily Quest obtain 1 Box Piece and a +5 AP Potion 
      -Combine 5 Pieces to get Complete Box
      -Collect 5 Giftbox Pieces to earn 1 Prize Box

Major Bug Fixes

      -When partner is summoned, milking exp should increase correctly.
      -Commerce partners' issues with wielding items are fixed. (However, they will no longer attempt any animated poses due to their equipment either.)
      -Commerce partners now have an option to put them down while on the player's back. 
      -When knocked unconscious, players are able to access the Item Shop to buy Nao soul stones.
      -Continent warp no longer lights up while mounted on certain pets.
      -Bone dragons now appear correctly when hot-keyed.
      -Phoenix should now be translated.

Known Issues

      -Bellfox outfits currently do not pose. This will be fixed soon.
      -Some items are not translated.
      -The introductory dialogue, quest name and description from Eavan when speaking to her about the Transformation Event is currently untranslated.
      -The Maid and Butler hair styles have been removed from the Beauty Shop, Character Creation, and Rebirth screens temporarily.