[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance 5/20/2015

MAINT 5/19/2015 4:00:00 PM

Dear Players,

Mabinogi will have a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, May 20. During this time, the game will be unavailable. Maintenance is expected to begin at 7:00 AM Pacific and last approximately 4 hours.

- Time -

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pacific: 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Eastern: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

To address the following:
  • Server Restarts
  • Mabinogi Renovation: Magic content update

-The Mabinogi Team

Mabinogi Renovation: Magic Patch Notes

New Magic Skills

  • Two new Magic skills have been added to the Magic Talent:
  • Lightning Rod - Cast lightning damage on a target. This skill is more effective when enemies are grouped together. Requires a staff
  • Inspiration - An active skill used to recover MP. At higher ranks, the cooldown is lowered and the amount of MP restored is greater

Magic Skills Revamped

  • Lightning Bolt - This skill now deals Bonus Damage after reaching the five-charge maximum. At higher ranks, the amount of bonus damage is increased
  • Icebolt - On use, recover some MP and slow down enemies. At higher ranks, the percentage of speed decrease is increased
  • Fusion Bolt - Bonus Damage is applied when casting above practice rank. At higher ranks, the percentage of Bonus Damage is increased
  • Fireball- Time from launch to impact has been reduced to 3 seconds. At higher ranks, charge time is reduced
  • Ice Spear - Damage will now be dealt when the spell takes effect, and additional damage may be inflicted while an enemy is frozen
  • Thunder - At higher ranks, casting time is reduced, as well as the stun time between thunder crashing and thunderbolts striking
  • Shockwave - Cooldown has been reduced for all ranks
  • Hail Storm - Amount of automatic charges will now display beneath the skill icon. Effect duration as been increased to 40 seconds
  • Meteor Strike - Casting time and Cooldown time has been reduced
  • Snap Cast - Cooldown has been reduced for all ranks
  • Fire Shield - Instant Cast Spell. Casting time has been removed
  • Ice Shield - Instant Cast Spell. Casting time has been removed
  • Lightning Shield - Instant Cast Spell. Casting time has been removed
  • Natural Shield - Instant Cast Spell. Casting time has been removed

New Weapons

New Crafting Materials

  • The following materials are obtained as end rewards from Shadow Missions and Advance Rundal, Ciar and Alby Hard Mode Dungeons
  • Forgotten Mage's Gem
  • Black Sealing Metal
  • Broken Ring Frame

New Enchants for Wands and Staves

New Titles


  • Book of Fireball - Expiration time removed from all Fireball Pages
  • Book of Thunder chapters may now be obtained via the Strange Book rewards found in Shadow Missions
  • Book of Ice Spear chapters may now be obtained via the Strange Book rewards found in Shadow Missions
  • Exploration Journal Pages 1 - 5 may now be purchased from the Seal Merchant on Tuesdays
  • The book The First Steps of Meditation is now always available from Stewart's Shop for 3,500 gold
  • The book Effective Meditation is now always on sale at Aeira's Shop for 6,190 gold
  • Skill Acquisition Quests to learn Fireball, Thunder, and Ice Spear may now be completed in tandem
  • The following NPC's now sell varying quantities and potencies of MP potions:
  • Manus
  • Agnes
  • Kousai
  • Atrata
  • Kirine
  • Heulfryn
  • Belita
  • Dilys
  • Nessa
  • Sieve
  • Beirnes
  • Comgan
  • Muro
  • Royal Guard Physician
  • Dougal
  • Morc
  • Tiro
  • Black Dragon Messenger
  • Dispatched Black Dragon Messenger
  • White Dragon Messenger
  • Dispatched White Dragon Messenger
  • Goro
  • Pero
  • Yoff
  • Price
  • Updated Rewards for completing Healer's House Part-Time Jobs
  • Flash Path Quest to learn Lightning Rod is obtained when Lightning Bolt is Rank F or higher, Thunder is Rank F or higher, and Magic Lightning Shield is Rank F or higher
  • Inspiration is obtained when Meditation is Rank E or higher and talking to Stewart with the "Skill" keyword

Bug Fixes

  • Flying Mounts are no longer able to land on the ponds around Barba Basin
  • It is no longer possible to earn multiple Beginner Bags on a single character
  • The Lively and Lovely Snowflake Coats (F) will now display hands properly
  • The Salvation Bow will now animate properly with quivers
  • Casting Speed reforges can now be properly applied
  • The Demonic Oculus Lance will now appear properly when sheathed with a shield
  • Alpacas are once again able to carry multiple trade goods during commerce
  • The hands on the Ruins Gargoyle transformation will now display properly
  • Homestead tickets which cannot be used may now be destroyed
  • Manus's Part-Time Jobs should now display the correct portrait
  • The Sniper title is once again obtainable
  • The Mirage Missile's Damage-over-Time (DoT) effect is working again
  • The Outfit Action for the SAO's Lisbeth and Asuna ALO Outfits will no longer revert to another pose after walking