Halloween Attendance Event

EVENTS 9/13/2018 12:35:12 PM

It's time to take attendance with the Halloween Attendance Check Event! Log in and collect stamps every day to earn points for some spooky prizes! You can even get a brand new Troublemaker Alto! Check out the full details here.

Halloween Attendance Check Event

Event Date: Thursday, October 11, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 15, Before Maintenance

Event Details:

  • Log in each day on any character to collect stamps for your attendance sheet.
  • You may only collect one stamp per day per account.
  • Once you collect the stamp, you will get points.
  • Collect a certain amount of Total Points to collect the Troublemaker Alto Pet Whistle!
  • You must click the "Get Stamp" button to receive the stamp for the day.
  • You cannot receive a stamp between 11:50 PM - 11:59 PM PDT real-time. The timer resets at 12 AM PDT real-time.


The longer you remain logged in, the more points you will receive. Look below to see how long you have to stay logged in for the most points!

  • 0-29 mins: 5 points
  • 30-59 mins: 10 points
  • 60+ mins: 20 points

Event Rewards:

  • 15 Points: Attendance Point Box
  • 150 Points: Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)(Event)
  • 150 Points: Rusty Hammer of Proficiency(7 Day Expiration)(Event)
  • 200 Points: Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
  • 200 Points: Red Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
  • 200 Points: Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event)
  • 220 Points: Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • 220 Points: Rebirth Potion (30 Days Expiration)
  • 250 Points: Commerce Reforging Tool (Event)
  • 300 Points: Gummy Bear Robe Set Box

Total Points Details

  • All points received during the event will be added to your total points.
  • Total points will remain unaffected if points are spent on other rewards.
  • Once a certain amount of Total Points are obtained during the event, you can receive the Wraith Robe and other prizes from the "Get Reward" button.

Total Points Rewards

Attendance Point Box Rewards:

  • Pet Adoption Medal
  • Finest Shadow Crystal
  • Red Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
  • Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection (Event)
  • Rebirth Potion (30 day Expiration)
  • Perfect Skill Reset Capsule (Event)
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Fine Shadow Crystal
  • Style Tab Key (30 Days)
  • Fixed Pet Dye Ampoule Gachapon (Event)(21 Days Expiration)
  • Double Life Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Double Music Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Double Alchemy Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Double Martial Arts Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Double Dual Gun Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Double Puppetry Skill EXP Potion (1 Day) (Not tradable)
  • Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hours)
  • Complete Skill Exp Potion (1 Day) (Event)
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency (Event)
  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event) x3
  • Full Recovery Potion (Event) x2
  • Full Recovery Potion (Event)
  • Easily Unfurling Tissue B x5
  • Forgetful Potion
  • Movement Speed 40% Increase Potion (Event)(30 Day Expiration)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Event) x3
  • Pet EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass
  • Ferghus's Free Repair Coupon
  • Special Dye Ampoule (Event)(30 Day Expiration)
  • Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event)(30 Day Expiration)
  • Age Potion - 9-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 10-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 11-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 12-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 13-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 14-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 15-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 16-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 17-yr-old
  • Age Potion - 18-yr-old
  • Name/Chat Color Change Potion (Event)
  • Free Repair Kit (Clothing Shop)
  • Guardian Soul Stone (Event)
  • Nao's Soul Stone (Event)