Halloween Villains Event

EVENTS 9/13/2018 12:38:33 PM

Halloween is almost here! What a better time to grave rob, kill vampire bats, and more! Do not attempt those at home though, because that’s against the law. ANYWAYS, the new Halloween Villains Event is here! Check out the full details below.

Event Dates: Thursday, October 11, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 8, Before Maintenance

Aislin, Bran, Locke, and Carrie have been cursed and need your help! Each week unlock a new progression to the story line to help lift the curse! After helping, you will unlock the respective character’s shop to buy some spooky rewards.

Furthermore, you can obtain horriflying cute hats as random drops in the Halloween Gift Box.

  • Talk to the Aislin in Festia Adventure Zone to register a main character.
  • You can reach Festia by clicking the Festia Tab in the Character Info Window and clicking the Enter Button.
  • Each week will contain a progression to the story line.
  • Upon selecting a main character, you will receive A handwritten note with Instruction on "How to Earn Gifts".
  • You must help each NPC to unlock their shop to redeem your items for prizes.
  • Completing quests will reward you the Wanderer's Amulet.
  • This Amulet is an enhancable totem that requires Gem Powder or Onyx to enhance with stats.
  • To enhance, just drag and drop the powder or onyx onto the amulet.
  • You will also receive Halloween Pumpkin Stickers for every 10 minutes you are logged in.
  • You can redeem these stickers at Carrie, Locke, Bran, or Aislin after completing their storyline.

All items listed below come from the Halloween Gift Box.